From the small screen to the big stage, we create bespoke visual elements and experiences that captivate your audience and make your message unforgettable.

First impressions are priceless. Our custom speaker sites instantly elevate your conversations with event planners, so you can focus on closing the deal and nailing your performance.

Inspired by Jacqueline Wales's keynote speech, Be Fearless, Heroic Public Speaking designed Jacqueline's speaker site to capture her bright, charming personality.

Elegantly designed. Easy to understand. Custom-fitted to your speech, style, and performance. HPS-designed contextual models give your audience a perfect visual representation of your speech. Contextual models are included as part of our Speaker Visuals package, but can also be purchased separately.

Angel Investor Marcia Dawood's contextual model promotes her brand while driving home the big idea of her speech, Do Good While Doing Well.

Slide presentations can either charm audiences and hold their attention…or distract them and take all the magic out of your performance. The truth is that most slide decks end up being the presentation, with the speaker supporting them.

That’s the exact opposite of how it should be. You may not know the key factors that make the difference. We do.

New York Times bestselling author Garrett Gunderson’s
Heroic Public Speaking-designed slides are the essential backdrop of his one-man show directed
by our co-founder, Michael Port.

Writing. Rewriting. Revising. Editing. Rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing.

You do everything to make sure you are serving your speech. We do everything to make sure your brand is serving you.

Speaker and agency owner Josh Dougherty’s brand and
logo are inspired by his personal style and speaking topic.

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