You’re what we’d call
an industry icon.

You’ve done amazing things with your life, and now you’re ready to step on stage. Choose which option below best defines your previous success:

This is where we come in.

HPS PRO is the bridge between where you are now, and where you need to be: on stage, delivering transformational, legacy-securing, standing-ovation-worthy speeches to audiences around the world.

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With Heroic Public Speaking Co-Founders Michael and Amy Port as your personal directors—along with the Heroic Public Speaking creative team of scriptwriters, stylists, photographers, filmmakers, and graphic designers—we’ll make sure that you have:

  • A transformational script and performance
  • A custom speaker site
  • A fashion guide
  • A slide deck
  • A high-quality speech reel
  • High-res headshots
  • And more to follow suit.

Every single element of your speaking career will be best-in-class.

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The stakes to ensure your long-lasting legacy are high.

You’ve led a career defined by dedication, accomplishment, and excellence.

We’ll give you a clear path and a creative team to help you meet those standards on stage.

Because of the amount of time we dedicate to our HPS PRO clients, we can only offer this customized experience to no more than three speakers a year.

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“Michael and Amy Port are an exceptional and unparalleled duo. They were able to help me take a bunch of random speaking ‘bits’ and shape them into a coherent and compelling content framework.

That framework became a bestselling book, over 70 keynotes a year, and the entire strategic approach for my agency, Church+State.

Working with them is as much a privilege as it is a joy.”

Founder, Church+State Author, Think. Do. Say.

Ron Tite

“Michael and Amy not only embrace you as a speaker but as a human being with diverse and unique experiences.

They are the best in the business.

Founder, Orangetheory Fitness

Ellen Latham

"Michael, Amy and the entire HPS Team have opened my eyes to a whole new world.

It’s rare to find such genuinely good people who also happen to be the best in their business. In my line of work, how prepared you are can mean the difference between life and death. In this world, that translates to the difference between success and failure as a public speaker.

Michael and his team give you all the tools you need to be successful and then some. Becoming a part of the HPS family will be one of the best career decisions you’ll ever make."

Author of American Radical Former undercover FBI agent


The stage is calling for you.

It takes a truly transformational speech to answer.

Event planners know that their audiences want to hear from industry icons like you. They know that your insight is valuable and that your name is respected.

But they often worry: Will the speaker be as good on stage as they were in their career? Will they be able to delight and surprise my audience? Will will they truly be able to demonstrate that they understand my audience's needs?

Usually, the answer is no.

The question isn’t whether or not you have the resume, insight, and charisma to put audience members in seats. You do.

The question is whether or not you can deliver a speech and a performance that will have audience members leaping out of their seats—and clamouring to have you speak at their next event, too.

Ask yourself this, and answer honestly: Are you getting invitations to speak because of what you’ve done in the past? Or are you a speaker who gets gigs because you’re known for creating transformational experiences every time you step on stage?

If it’s the former, we can help you become the latter.

We can help you become a referable speaker.

One who surprises and delights audiences with an immediately relevant, transformational, visionary speech—a speech that entertains, while changing the way the audience feels, thinks, and acts.

You’ll book more high profile gigs at higher fees with fewer objections.

You’ll be hired because of what you can do on the stage…rather than what you did in your past. And when you take your bow, you’ll have your audience on their feet.

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You don't speak
to inspire.

You speak to

HPS Trained TED Talk Speaker, Anthony Jack
Assistant Professor of Education,
Harvard Graduate School of Education

“Michael and Amy = game-changers for me. They will be for you, too.

Working with them catapulted my speaking career from a solid B to total A game.

Do yourself a favor and learn from the best in the business.”

Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs
WSJ Bestselling Author

Ann Handle

"Michael and Amy Port are simply the finest speaking coaches in the world.

If you truly want to raise your speaking game to an elite level there is no one else better.

Let the brilliant HPS team of writers, designers, and creators help to hone your content and drive your performance to unparalleled levels.”

Navy SEAL Master Chief (ret).
High-performance leadership
and business strategist

stephen drum

Here’s what you’ll receive,
all on a golden platter*

*Golden platter not included, but we’ll make up for it in real value.

Once you’re officially an HPS PRO, we’ll get to know you and your goals as intimately as possible so that our creative team of writers, designers, filmmakers, and administrators can get to work right away. The crucial information you’ll provide during this period will serve as the springboard to our kickoff meeting with the entire HPS Team.

That’s right: at the start of our time together, you’ll meet and get to know our entire team. We’ll present and finalize with you a speaking career game plan complete with timelines and crystal clear goals.

Once we finalize your timeline, you’ll start working one-on-one with one of our premier writers. Whether you need a ghostwriter, a developmental editor, or a mix of both, we’ll work closely with you on your script. We’ve worked with speakers who had no material, speakers who had 40 years of material, and every kind of speaker in between; no matter where you start, we’ll meet you there and craft a referable speech with you.

With thousands of speakers coming through HPS over the years, we have staged everyone from an Olympic swimmer, to a billion-dollar franchise founder, to one of the most decorated undercover FBI agents of all time. We count among our alumni Navy SEALs, plenty of NSA Hall of Fame speakers, and hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Depending on how they aim to impact their audiences, each and every one of them needs to move differently on the stage.

As an HPS PRO, Michael and Amy will serve as your dedicated directors. They’ll guide you through every step of mapping out your speech choreography. Every move, every action, will have an intention that brings your message to the forefront of the audience.

You’ll work with our brand design team to create and hone your digital image as a speaker. From a brand identity to a bespoke speaker site, we’ll optimize everything to make event planners need to call you. You’ll learn exactly how to get event planners to do what you want them to do when they are visiting your site.

We’ll build a game plan for you to sell your speech, deliver it, and rack up opportunities to do it again and again. Together, we’ll work on determining which conferences are best aligned for your goals, and we’ll show you how to produce stageside leads, leverage the power of compounding gigs, and build an ever-growing referral tree with a thriving, in-demand speaking career.

For event planners, you’re going to be the easiest speaker to work with on the planet. That’s more important than you might be aware. When they ask for your event title, session description, high-res headshots, and intro bio, you’ll be able to present a custom, easy-to-navigate media page with all of that information. And remember, we’ll make it all for you.

We’ll also create a custom slide deck for your speech. Delivered in impeccable design, each slide is created with the intention of serving your audiences instead of distracting from your performance. We’ll also incorporate any audiovisual elements required.

You’ll work with our brand design team (yes, you’ll get to know them very, very well) to craft an original visual asset that will represent and masterfully communicate your big idea within one glance. This is a particularly powerful tool to help event planners explain to their teams the power of your performances (and it keeps audiences remembering you for years to come). Using your content, we’ll invent and design a definitive contextual model that makes an immediate (and lasting) impression.

This is key. A high-quality reel of your speech will help new-to-you planners see how you perform on stage and give them instant proof that you are the right speaker for their events. We'll work with you to write and choreograph a performance of your speech, and our team of experienced filmmakers will shoot, edit, and deliver a short trailer of your speech that’s bound to help you get gigs.

Since you’re going to dazzle event planners with your website and speech, we’ll make sure your style follows suit and aligns with your message. Every detail matters, down to the shoe, and we know what every one of those details are. Since we’ve got your back, you’ll learn them, too.

This is the pinnacle of the
Heroic Public Speaking

This is the absolute highest value that we can produce for any one speaker.
It is not for everyone.

If you’re ready to become a surprise-and-delight speaker who can deliver a referable speech that produces new speaking opportunities every time you walk off the stage, we can help you earn it.

It’s time to invest in your message—and your ability to deliver it.

After all, this is time spent on you, and only you.

HPS PRO is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience: a team of best-in-the-business professionals all working on your behalf to distinguish and differentiate you in the marketplace.

HPS PRO is completely signature, and will give you a singular advantage over your competition.

Because of the amount of time we dedicate to our HPS PROs, we only take on three new speakers per year, giving each of them the ultimate customized experience that changes their lives (and their audiences’ lives) forever.

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“I recently spoke at an event with thousands of attendees and some really big-name celebrity speakers.

Because of the work I did with Heroic Public Speaking, I was named the top-rated speaker of the entire event.

Their process is a game-changer and that talk has spawned five more keynotes.”

WSJ Bestselling Author, The Alter Ego Effect

Todd Herman

"I felt my recent speech was the best of the 700+ I’ve ever done. I got applause during the speech three times and many more laughs than I’ve ever gotten before. I had a couple people say I changed their lives. Three people got choked up with tears in their eyes while expressing their gratitude.”

NASA Astronaut


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“Amy and Michael are world-class at helping speakers bring out the performance in their message. Their ability to get to the heart of a challenge, provide instant solutions, and dramatically upskill even the most accomplished speakers to grow is a joy to watch and mind-blowing to experience personally.

If you are a speaker looking to up their game, then investing time with Heroic Public Speaking is a decision that will pay you back time and time again.”

Author of 8 best-selling books
Delivered over 2,500
presentations in 57 countries
across five continents

“Anyone who has a chance to learn from Michael and Amy Port, take it.

Founder, Talking Shrimp

“The single biggest impact on my growth as a performer has been Michael Port. He is simply the best in the world at coaching and directing speakers. He’s your secret weapon for finding the greatest version of yourself on stage or screen.

After working with him, you’ll have the ability to deliver transformational speeches with consistency and depth. His attention to things otherwise unknowable to the performer is where the magic resides. Each time I think there couldn’t possibly be more Michael knows, he surprises me with another breakthrough or antidote. I absolutely love working with him. You will, too.

Oh, I should also say that you better be ready to work because he’ll challenge you and push you. But, it’ll be worth every second and every dollar. You’ll never be the same again.”

NY Times bestselling author,
Killing Sacred Cows


“In more than 30 years of professional
speaking, I thought I had my signature stories down pat. Boy was I wrong.

I was blown away in not only how quickly both Amy and Michael were able to pinpoint areas of improvement, but also their immediate and wonderful suggestions.”

NSA Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

“Michael and Amy were meant to do this. [It’s] like watching art being made.

NSA Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker Podcast Host, UnMarketing Bestselling Author


"Heroic Public Speaking is the Delta Force of the professional speaking world: they're an elite team of trainers who always accomplish their mission of transforming your performance so you can change the world.”

Keynote Speaker & Author