A 2-Day Public
Speaking Training to
Leverage the Power
of Performance

We believe that
a speech has the
power to change
the world, the
people in it...
and the speaker.

Co-Founders, Michael and Amy Port during an HPS event of 500+ attendees at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Professional speakers, soon-to-be professional speakers, business owners, and mission-driven leaders travel from all over the world for our 2-day event to be best-in-class speakers.

Discover What the Best Performers in the World Know About Delivering World-Class Performance

Your content and your delivery might be good, but to make it the kind of referrable speech that gets you gigs every time you give it, that’s an undertaking that requires craft.
Winging it doesn’t work.
Attempting to rise to the occasion doesn’t work.
Using other people’s ideas doesn’t work.

What works is being able to deliver a transformational speech by mastering the craft of content development, script writing, and performance so you can consistently deliver standing ovation-worthy performance.

Our Process Applies to Any and All Presentations and Speeches