You have an important message to get out, and you must be able to convey that message with deep feeling and total commitment. That’s a tall order when you can’t find the breath to speak, your voice tires too quickly, you’re shouting to be heard, or you’re shaking from stage fright.

Taught by the Heroic Public Speaking Head of Vocal Training, with special guest appearances by Amy Port, you will learn daily voice exercises to cut the nerves and get right to the chase: your powerful voice.

Through these videos, you will:

  • Command the room with captivating sound.
  • Increase your vocal stamina (more voice with less recovery time means more opportunities).
  • Obtain a greater ease in the ability to express your feelings and ideas.
  • Gain clarity and articulation, both in thought and in word.
  • Eliminate vocal habits like remaining monotone, using vocal fry, and upspeak.
  • Reduce your risk of stage fright.
  • ...And much more.

Whether you’re a beginning looking to find your voice or a seasoned performer hoping to hone techniques to keep your voice strong before, during, and after your events, this course is your answer.


If you're particularly busy right now and can't do all of the work, don't worry: you'll have lifetime access to this video course, and you'll be able to go step-by-step through the work any time into the future.



Unlike posture, which is stagnant, proper alignment consistently moves and makes it easier for us to communicate and helps the listener connect with us on a more intimate level. Through guided exercises, learn how to have great alignment, allowing the audience to see you better and connect.

Through exercises you can easily do at home, learn how breath brings engagement with material and with audience through breath.

Get rid of any nasally and tension-filled sounds through exercises created to clear the vocal passageway, releasing the tension-filled tongue, and stretching the soft palate.

Now that the passageway for speaking has been opened, it’s time to work on clarity of speech--because as a performer, you need clear speech to command the stage.

Resonance compels people to listen; the audience feels it. Learn to utilize your entire body like an instrument to communicate throughout your performance.

How to make sure your voice is in tip-top shape for many performances to come through the years.

From vocal fry to dropping off the ends of lines walk through a slew of modern vocal problems … and learn how to keep walking right past those bad habits.

Learn how to utilize consonants to make your point and get everyone on the edges of their seats, listening to each syllable as you speak, hanging on your every word.

A D’Arcy Webb vocal warm-up a day keeps the ear-nose-throat doctor away. You'll now have a fifteen minute warm-up to fully ensure your voice can steal the show with any audience on any stage.

Don’t have fifteen minutes? Utilize a mini version to use as you take your speaking engagements on the road.

D’Arcy Webb

D’Arcy Webb – a.k.a the Speech Diva – is the Head of Voice Training for Heroic Public Speaking Worldwide. For more than two decades, she’s helped actors, performers, corporate executives, authors and speakers use their voices to connect with audiences around the world with power, eloquence and heart.

As a member of the voice and speech faculty at the University of Arts in Philadelphia and Drexel University, D’Arcy works with hundreds of new and seasoned performers to make their words resonate with clarity, precision and confidence.

D’Arcy’s love of language is contagious. She believes every word is a story in itself. Her favorite words are diaphanous, ephemeral and squat. After just one session with D’Arcy, clients and students discover a passion for the power of the spoken word they never thought possible.


With Special Appearances by Amy Port

Amy Port is the Co-Founder of Heroic Public Speaking, where her work extends from the execution of corporate training packages, to development of CEO keynotes, private master classes and coaching.

After earning her MFA in Acting from The Yale School of Drama, Amy spent years acting professionally in theaters such as Seattle Repertory, Oregon Shakespeare and Yale Rep, and working consistently in commercials. She now applies the skills of performance that only well-trained actors know to the coaching of ‘non-actors’ looking to crush their sales presentations, to make their voices heard in TED Talk style presentations, and to take the big stage keynoting major conferences.

Geoffrey H. Garrett, a senior attorney at Byrd Garrett Wealth Preservation, said: “As a military pilot and B-747 captain over a forty-year career, I received every kind of skill-specific training and encountered every sort of teacher. I consider Amy to be, hands down, the best trainer-coach I have ever met. I cannot recommend her services highly enough."



With the Heroic Public Speaking Your Powerful Voice course, you’ll receive:

  • ACCESS to more than 10 video classes of Heroic Public Speaking vocal training.
  • ACCESS to the online community of Heroic Public Speakers for feedback and support.

Actual Total Value: $495




You’ll be covered by our rock-solid guarantee. That means, if within the first 30 days after the courses are delivered your way, you complete the entire course, and you’re not satisfied, for any reason, you can ask for a full refund, so long as you do the assignments and watch all of the videos.