“I increased my speaker's fee because of my work with Heroic Public Speaking.”

Shannon Richkowski
Director, Hygiene Mastery


Growing up with dyslexia, my fourth grade teacher told my entire class that I had the worst spelling she’d seen over her 25-year-career as a teacher. A mere sentence was a struggle. Five-paragraph essays in high school and college? Forget it.

Writing a book? Impossible.

But I made it possible … 8x over.

Coldwell Banker Generation

My spelling is still terrible. But my books are bestsellers: NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestsellers, to be exact.

In addition to the books, I have written all of my keynote speeches, speaking at packed theaters around the globe.

I realized that my message was only going to be shared if I did something about it―and that required writing. It’s important to take that opportunity and run with it, no matter what your struggle might be. My struggle was a “learning disability” coupled with a lifetime of being told I can’t write.

But I can write, and so can you.

If you don’t develop your writing skills, it’s very difficult to advance as a speaker, author, or thought leader. Frankly, it’s difficult to advance in almost any career if you don’t have strong writing skills meant for the spoken word.

Yes, you can write a speech that can get people to think, feel, and act differently.

I retired from keynoting in 2015 so that I—along with my wife and business partner, Amy Port—can focus on helping you get on the stage and share your message (keep reading to see how versatile your stage can be). I felt that it would be a conflict of interest if my students and I were up for the same gigs. Now I can give 100% of my time, attention, ideas, and insider secrets to my students.

We look forward to seeing how we can help you shine in your spotlight moments.

With warmth and appreciation,

Michael Port

CEO & Co-Founder, Heroic Public Speaking

writing can

Make or Break

your on- & off- stage success

When you have a message that needs to be written out, the sense of overwhelm can compete with actually getting the work done. Because ideas are tucked in the backs of minds everywhere. But taking action and putting those ideas into words? Now that can create change.

Yes, in order to change and take your vision to the next level, you need to write a compelling message. Whether you’re…

  • An entrepreneur who needs to make a great first presentation for clients or investors.
  • A keynoter whose intellectual property must compel, wowing audiences to take action, even on topics that are popular or technical or new.
  • An employee who needs a repeatable process for drafting presentations that you actually look forward to giving.
  • A thought leader who wants to keep growing your audience instead of depending on a speech that you gave (and can’t seem to reproduce) over 10 years ago.

And, on top of that, great writing for the page is a different skill set than creating it for the stage.

Even if writing comes naturally (it doesn’t always).

Even if you are an effective communicator.

Even if you have great research, facts, or interesting life experiences, they might not be refined as great stories … yet.

You need a process so that you can write words meant for an audience, time and time again–something that sounds like YOU. The way you speak, the way you sound. We're not looking to find our voice, we're looking to bring out yours.



  • TED-style talks
  • Speaker video scripts
  • Keynotes
  • Workshops
  • Ceremonial speeches
  • Boardroom & sales presentations
  • Livestreams
  • Webinars
  • Social platform
  • One-on-one conversations


  • 12 Weeks of Virtual Training

Whether you curl up by your laptop, complete this during a work break, or take your writing to a coffee shop, you'll get to focus for 12 weeks on your message, with the assistance of a one-on-one writing coach.

  • Weekly video classes
  • One-on-one private coaching
  • Weekly assignments & feedback
  • Office hours
  • HPS student private community
  • Culminating in a Three-Day, Live,
    In-Person Training

Great performances aren't read--they are delivered. This is your chance to get your script on its feet with the HPS faculty. From writing a script to rehearsing, the in-person training brings your hard work to life, right alongside the supportive community of your Heroic Public Speaking cohort–the one you’ve been getting to know for 12 weeks.

This training is held at HPS HQ located in Lambertville, NJ– a charming historical town equidistant from the Philadelphia and Newark airports.

We fill the three days to start to bring your script on its feet.

Want to know more about the structure of the in-person training?
Schedule a strategy call to find out more.



Here’s what that means

Create a speech to get from a (blank) page to the stage

  • Identify your ideal audience so that you can steer them to take action.
  • Articulate and apply the HPS proprietary Foundational Five elements that are essential for any great speech.
  • Catalogue the content you already have in your head--the good, the bad, and that which you should save for later to truly understand how much additional content you’ll need to generate.
  • Decide the most results-driven structure for your speech that will communicate your expertise.
  • Work with a writing coach to create a writing plan, using tips and tricks that are mostly known by professional speechwriters.
  • Absorb a multitude of writing techniques (some that may surprise you), choosing those that are best aligned with how YOU need to create.
  • Dip your toes into the world of improv to see how to write stories on your feet.
  • Generate the stories that captivate, making your audience laugh or cry (or both!).
  • Sculpt stories for pacing and smooth transitions in your editing process.
  • Learn how to map portions of your script to best serve you during rehearsal (yes, it’s more than memorizing lines).



Virtual Training Starts:

Nov 26, 2018

Cumulative in 3 Days, Live, In-Person Training:

Feb 17-20, 2019


Virtual Training Starts:

Apr 12, 2019

Cumulative in 3 Days, Live, In-Person Training:

Jul 8-10, 2019


Virtual Training Starts:

May 31, 2019

Cumulative in 3 Days, Live, In-Person Training:

Aug 26-28, 2019


Virtual Training Starts:

Sep 20, 2019

Cumulative in 3 Days, Live, In-Person Training:

Dec 16-18, 2019


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“I’ve been keynoting for almost 20 years and have had a wonderful career speaking across the globe. I chose to work with the team at Heroic Public Speaking to up my game even further. I’m enjoying performing as a keynoter more than ever and you can see it in my results. My keynote fee jumped from $10,000 a speech to $15,000 after my first round of work with them. This year, I landed my first $25,000 fee. I've recouped my investments in HPS many times over.”

Scott Wintrip
Keynote Speaker
Author of High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant


“This was an amazing, beautifully structured program. It provided a structured, intentional way of writing a keynote speech. For me, the big takeaway is that every speech moving forward is going to be better having gone through this process.

Dyan DeNapoli
Penguin Expert


“I've been able to take what I've learned and translate it into confidence and an ability to connect that has dramatically improved my sales close rate in my business, reduced my sales cycle by months, and given me the confidence to stand my ground in contract negotiations.”

Kathleen Clem
President, Engage, LLC


“Last week I was in Chicago doing my coaching bit for a total of 100 clients: 7 hours a day, for 3 days. And it was different. (I have been doing this for 18 years.) I felt the difference and so did my support team. Based on the comments from the clients, so did they.

Mary Miller
Keynote Speaker
CEO, JANCOA Janitorial Services, Inc.


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“If you want to develop a performance-ready script, I can’t think of a better place to do it than with Heroic Public Speaking.”

Tom Lawrence
CEO at Benefit Recovery Group


“For the first time in my life I have a keynote that I am proud of, grateful for, and extremely excited to share. It is still a long way from where it will be, and it’s light years ahead of anything I have created before. This would not have happened without Heroic Public Speaking. I gave the talk twice in the past 2 weeks and I’ve never received better feedback from the audience. (Last Thursday was a standing ovation.) I am transforming into a performer, speaker, and writer who is completely different than who I was prior to Heroic Public Speaking. This is the most over the top, gushy, correspondence I’ve ever written. Having said that, it’s not exaggerated or overblown one bit. I’ve had a dream since my late 20s to be a speaker and thanks to Heroic Public Speaking, that dream is becoming my reality.

Chuck Downs
Founder, Downs Consulting


“If you're serious about taking your speaking to the next level, than Heroic Public Speaking is a must. The 1:1 coaching helps you improve on your individual focus areas, but you'll also learn so much by watching your fellow speakers grow. The environment and intimate group makes it feel like a talented and supportive speaker family, where you all focus on growth together. It will be a transformative experience, if you're open to it.”

Melanie Deziel
Branded Content Speaker & Consultant


“My experience with HPS UNDERGRAD was remarkable. I have done a lot of professional development over the last 30 years, and I have never seen anything like this. Everything that I learned, I have been able to apply not just to my talk but to different aspects of my business and even different parts of my personal life. I find that I’m actually communicating better with the people of my life, and that has been a remarkable transformation for me.”

David Conley
Founder, Limitl.es


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