Give us 5 minutes, we’ll give you the world.

Do you want to book speaking gigs but don’t have any good video of you actually giving a speech? That’s a problem.

When you write a book, you sell the book proposal to the publisher before you actually write it. Then they pay you to write the book.

The same is true in the speaking business. You sell your speaking with killer video. But you can only book paying gigs (or any good gigs) when you have a killer video of you giving the speech.

That’s the catch 22. That’s the rub. That’s what’s holding you back: you don’t have the killer video you need to book the gigs.

But you can book speaking gigs even if you’ve never actually given the speech. And even before your speech is written!

And, that’s where we come in. We’ll do it for you.

I want you to take a minute right now and compare this video below (of me giving my Think Big Revolution keynote) with the last video you made or the average speaker video out there.

And if you haven’t made your first video yet, ask yourself how you think your first video will look with the resources you’ve currently got available to you.

Can you imagine what your career would be like if you had a video like this? How would people see you?
How credible would you be? How much would you earn?



Heroic Public Speaking

Done-For-You Video Service

I’m putting together the exact same team that I brought in for the video above and bringing them to you at a fraction of the cost that you’d normally pay.

We hired an award-winning film crew, known for crafting stories for some of the most influential people on the planet such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes, Pat Flynn, Todd Herman, Jayson Gaignard, and - as mentioned - Michael Port. They explore how to translate your story to reels, showcasing that your vision and message to the world in the finest quality.

Our filmmakers’ background making documentaries, commercials, and music videos makes them uniquely suited to filming speaker reels. They approach each speaker's reel like a commercial.

And, just like on television, you need to engage and hook your audience from the start and leave them not just wanting – but needing – your product. In this case, the product is you and your message.

Now, you won’t be surprised to hear that this video cost me more than $25,000 to put together: travel, space hire, lighting, props, make up, camera equipment, camera operators, sound equipment and technician, intensive post-production editing.

But here’s the kicker: that one video alone has brought in many more dollars in revenue, more than $500,000, both directly and indirectly, than it cost to put together.

And it will continue to bring in revenue, directly and indirectly, for years and years to come.

You’ll be amazed at what a single professional video will do for you. Superior and professional video will instantly set you above your peers. It will:

  • Dramatically increase the speaking fees you command.
  • Position you as a category authority in a world of also-rans.
  • Let your clients know that you don’t settle for anything other than the very best.
  • Make publicists and booking agents immediately sit up and pay attention.
  • Increase your website conversions.
  • Bring you an army of raving fans.
  • And much more …

So how can you do it without spending big-budget, blockbuster Hollywood money? How can you have it done for you (the production, crew, post-production, equipment, lighting, script advice and more)?

EASY. You do it with us.


Here are some of the videos from the folks who participated in some of our previous Done-For-You Video Events.

Your broadcast-quality video will be owned 100% by you: you can use it on your website, on your social media profiles, and send it to conference bookers and event organizers.

Since the advent of moving pictures, video has been huge. Hollywood stars, TV actors and celebrities have reached their fans and grown their empires through the big screen and the small screen.

I don’t need to tell you (but I will remind you) that video is just exploding … and unfortunately it’s not a pretty sight.

For every excellent video put online, there are (literally) hundreds of thousands of dull, bland, confusing … or even plain horrific videos put online.

YouTube has made video production more democratic. Anybody with a smartphone can make promotional videos… and that’s precisely the problem.

Because everybody can do it … everybody IS doing it. Maybe you’re doing it, too.

And perhaps you’ve been told that “video quality doesn’t matter” or “don’t worry about production values, the important thing is to be yourself.”

It’s not. Video production quality DOES MATTER.

Look at the people you admire most. Their videos rock. That’s because they don’t settle for “good enough” or “home-made.” They put their best foot forward in everything they do and that’s why they earn the big bucks.

As a $30,000 per speech, professional speaker and New York Times bestselling author of six books, I can tell you that your sub-standard video is actively and irreparably damaging your brand.

When a prospective client looks at a video of yours that’s not well made, or not well lit, or shot with a smartphone and self-edited, they are more often than not making a conscious decision to AVOID working with you.

Video done badly will have the EXACT REVERSE EFFECT that you want it to have.

A cheap-looking video is very bad news for you and your business. It screams “I’m not worth much.” It says “I can’t be bothered” and “I don’t care.”

A cheap video makes you look cheap.

If you look cheap, people won’t take you seriously.


So here’s how to be taken seriously.

  • You send us a 3-4 minute script. It can be taken from a presentation that you already have completed, or it can be something you will create fully down the road.
  • Pssst: If you don’t yet have a script, you can (as a paid add-on) use our inhouse writing team to craft your script for you.
  • Whether you provide your own script or use our writing team, we then review and approve it, to ensure you’ll have a powerful script that you’ll nail on shoot day.
  • You will also send us the information for your title cards, (for the opening and the close) and we’ll professionally produce them for you.
  • Arrive at the beautiful Engelman Recital Hall in New York (yes, it's the same place where Michael shot his Think Big Revolution Keynote with our film crew), dressed and ready to roll when you show up on:

    April 13th, 2017

  • Receive a full 25-30 minute filming time-slot with Michael and Amy's filmmakers to shoot multiple takes of your 3-4-minute scripted presentation.
As you can imagine, coordinating all the moving parts to bring a full filmmaking production suite to you is a logistical challenge (it’s a good thing I once owned a TV commercial production company, shooting commercials for brands like Snapple).

When not performing, you will be a part of the audience for the other speakers, (as they will be for yours). So come prepared to support, to react authentically, and to be filmed.

Your film will be completely edited, color-corrected and topped-and-tailed. An atmospheric and inspiring soundtrack that accentuates your words but doesn’t distract from your message is included.

As a result, clients, colleagues and competitors see you in a completely different way: in the way you are MEANT to be seen.

These professional film-makers are masters at story-telling. They’ll tell your story from multiple angles with style, personality, grace, charm and humor, all the while making you feel as comfortable as if you were sitting in your own living room.

Because of the limited time available, we can only take 12 performers per available day. You must move VERY quickly to reserve your spot.

Here's a video our filmmakers shot for Tony Robbins.


Want every second to be picture perfect?

You can opt to add on private skype coaching with Amy; she’ll work with you on your content, your performance, and share with you the best ways to feel comfortable and shine on camera … while drawing out of you the very best version of yourself to preserve forever.


Film-making is famously and notoriously expensive. The more skilled your craftsmen (editors, sound operators, cameramen) the greater their fee.

The crew I’m putting together for you are the VERY best. You know I only use the BEST.

And because of this special event where I can bring performers to my filmmakers, you’re going to get them at a fraction of their regular rate … and you don’t even need to factor in their travel and accommodation, and, oh, THE THEATER THAT I’VE RENTED FOR THE OCCASION … and all the equipment ... that’s already taken care of.

Let’s summarize the offer:

  • We’ll review, edit and approve your 3-4 minute script, (the absolute sweetest length for web-videos and speaker-reels), and design your intro and outro slides for you with the copy you provide ahead of time.
  • If you choose to be coached ahead of time, you’ll get three 55-minute Skype sessions with Amy, to improve every second of your performance.
  • You will stay for the full day. You’ll spend the day with a team of highly professional film-makers, who are dedicated entirely to you. Hang out with a small group of your peers and make great professional connections with other speakers and business owners who take themselves seriously.
  • Remember, for my videos with the same crew, I’ve been paying $25,000 to $40,000 a shoot and more! But you get it all done for you for the one-off low price of $5995 (or choose the VIP option and be coached to perfection).
  • Man, if I would have had this opportunity when I first started, I could have saved tons of money and years of struggle. Good thing you can have it all with the click of a button.

I guarantee these spots will be gobbled up in no time or I’ll eat my hat. Last time we did this, we sold out three days of shooting for 45 people total in a matter of days. At the moment, spots are only available for April 13th.


Requests for refunds (minus an administrative fee) are acceptable before February 15, 2017. After February 15, 2017, all funds are non-refundable, regardless of the basis for the request, including but not limited to a change in Speaker’s schedule or availability.

Quick reference guide for your next steps

REGISTER, and snag one of the very limited spots. You have two options (Standard and VIP), and you can add on a scriptwriting package for either option.

Book your travel to New York. We’ll be sending you a list of suitable hotels.

Remember that you’ll need to be there for the full day so make sure that you’ve got enough time to hang out with us from 7:30 am on. You might even want to join the wrap party at the end of the day.

Start to prepare your material to send us. If you’ve already got a speech or a performance written out and prepared, then start cutting it down to 3-4 minutes. If you need to prepare one from scratch, then you have time to either get a previously-recorded speech transcribed, put a brand new one together, or contact questions@heroicpublicspeaking.com to sign up with one of our writers.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 minutes or 60 minutes of material, the important thing is that you get it written down, and start cherry-picking the moments that show what you can do.

Send us the text for your intro and outro slides and a copy of your script. We’ll give it a review to make sure you have the punchiest, most affecting and most effective 3-4 minutes of material and get it back to you with more than enough time to memorize the script.

You show up at the Engelman Recital Hall in New York, looking sharp and ready to go.

You’ll know (in advance time) what time you’ll be on stage in front of the cameras. You’ll meet the team, get prepared and … when your time comes … you’ll be at the very center of attention and hogging the limelight in the most beautiful way.

30-90 days later, your promo demo video rough cut is delivered straight to your inbox. After one round of feedback and simple edits, you'll get your finished video in the order that you registered, (provided all payment is complete, of course.)


Requests for refunds (minus an administrative fee) are acceptable before February 15, 2017. After February 15, 2017, all funds are non-refundable, regardless of the basis for the request, including but not limited to a change in Speaker’s schedule or availability.