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HPS GRAD AlumniHPS GRAD Alumni are members of the HPS Community who have completed HPS GRAD, our comprehensive public speaking training program.

HPS FellowHPS Fellow are members of the HPS Community who, having already completed HPS GRAD once, choose to re-enroll in the program again to further master their craft and help guide other students.

HPS Teaching FellowHPS Teaching Fellow are members of the HPS Community who, having already completed both HPS GRAD and Fellowship, take on the role of a mentor and leader for other students and assist Michael and Amy in various aspects.

L. Ryan

Lisa Ryan, CSP

I am a full-time keynote speaker. I also do training, workshops, and have some online products.

Lisa Ryan, an engaging keynote speaker, author, and entrepreneur, specializes in manufacturing and skilled trades. Founder of Grategy, she integrates gratitude into business strategies, enhancing workplace culture. Her MBA enriches her industry-specific insights, making her a sought-after expert…

T. Martignetti

Tony Martignetti

Leadership Advisor

Tony Martignetti is a leadership advisor, best-selling author, podcast host, and speaker. He brings together over 25 years of business and leadership experience and extreme curiosity to elevate leaders and equip them with the tools to navigate through…

D. Gingiss

Dan Gingiss

Professional keynote speaker

Dan is an international keynote speaker and coach. His 20-year professional career included leadership positions at McDonald’s, Discover and Humana. He is the author of two books and the co-host of an award-winning podcast. Learn more at

M. St. John

Melissa St John

Interior Design, Furniture and Move Management for Commercial Workplaces

Melissa is CEO/Owner of Relocation Strategies with 30 years in design and move management. She is a high-energy motivator with a passion for employee and workplace happiness. Melissa would rather be wakesurfing behind a boat, than surfing the…

T. Ash

Tim Ash

Keynote speaker, author, executive advisor

Tim Ash has helped create over 1.2 billion dollars in value for companies like Google, Expedia, and Nestle. He has been cited by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine as a top online marketer. Tim is the bestselling author of…

T. Loeb

Tammy Gooler Loeb

Career & Executive Coach, Speaker, Author, Facilitator

Tammy Gooler Loeb is the author of Work from the Inside Out: Break Through Nine Common Obstacles and Design a Career That Fulfills You. She is a career and executive coach, speaker, podcast host, and facilitator with expertise…

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