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HPS GRAD AlumniHPS GRAD Alumni are members of the HPS Community who have completed HPS GRAD, our comprehensive public speaking training program.

HPS FellowHPS Fellow are members of the HPS Community who, having already completed HPS GRAD once, choose to re-enroll in the program again to further master their craft and help guide other students.

HPS Teaching FellowHPS Teaching Fellow are members of the HPS Community who, having already completed both HPS GRAD and Fellowship, take on the role of a mentor and leader for other students and assist Michael and Amy in various aspects.

N. Pai

Nesha Pai

I am a Certified Public Accountant serving the small business sector in accounting and bookkeeping

Nesha is a Certified Public Accountant who opened her accounting firm in 2011. She was one of the first accounting firms to create a fully remote office model, and gives employment opportunities primarily to stay-at-home moms. She is…

Gail Doby

Gail Doby

Keynote speaker, author & consultant

Gail Doby is a speaker, consultant and entrepreneur whose goal is to help interior designers and other creative professionals build their business es profitably and develop financial confidence


Mackey McNeill

CPA, Speaker, Founder, CEO

Author, professional speaker, and Founder of MACKEY & The Prosperity People, Mackey McNeill is passionate about helping business owners achieve the 3 freedoms of prosperity: mind, time and money freedom.

A. Becker

Arwen Becker

Financial Advisor who through public speaking, empowers women in their finances, and also advisors to know how best to tap into the women's market.

Arwen is changing the way women are financially educated by arming advisors with the proper tools to succeed in marketing to women. Arwen speaks nationally, more than 40 times a year, is the author of She Handled It,…

J. Rogan

Janine Rogan, CPA

Speaker| Money Expert | Financial Feminist

Janine Rogan is a speaker, an award-winning CPA, and financial educator. She is a passionate keynote speaker on the topic of financial feminism. Her Tedx Talk - Reimagine Finance for Millennials - aired June 2021.