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HPS GRAD AlumniHPS GRAD Alumni are members of the HPS Community who have completed HPS GRAD, our comprehensive public speaking training program.

HPS FellowHPS Fellow are members of the HPS Community who, having already completed HPS GRAD once, choose to re-enroll in the program again to further master their craft and help guide other students.

HPS Teaching FellowHPS Teaching Fellow are members of the HPS Community who, having already completed both HPS GRAD and Fellowship, take on the role of a mentor and leader for other students and assist Michael and Amy in various aspects.

D. Silver

Deborah Silver

Professor & Academic Innovator

Professor Deborah Silver is an academic innovator who has started many successful interdisciplinary programs, including the innovative Master of Business and Science degree which is now one of the largest and most diverse STEM graduate programs at Rutgers.

Alumni Directory – P. Bravo

Patricia Bravo

Leadership Development Consultant

Patricia wants team members to have a better experience at work. As a Leadership Development Consultant, Author and Speaker, she activates empathy in leaders. Her company is Bravo For You, and she teaches at UW Bothell and UCLA…

K McDonald GA

Katie McDonald

Keynote Presenter & Self-care Strategist

For Katie, the real threat of a compromised and shortened life was a tough-loving wake-up call. Her proven curated practices were developed through decades of exploration through self-study and intensive holistic engagements with clients. Today, the b.nourished approach…

J. Wales

Jacqueline Wales

I am a trusted advisor to highly accomplished women

Jacqueline Wales is the Author of three books on becoming fearless, speaker and trusted advisor to highly accomplished women who are ready to transform their lives and achieve greater success.

K. Wright

Karen Wright

Executive Coach

A global leader in the coaching profession, Karen Wright is an entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker and business founder.

Alumni Directory – J. Bronee

Jeanette Bronée

2 x TEDx & Global Keynote Speaker, Culture Strategist & Author of The Self-Care Mindset

JEANETTE IS HELPING PEOPLE AND COMPANIES WORK BETTER BY RETHINKING SELF-CARE AND ITS IMPACT ON PERFORMANCE AND CULTURE. Jeanette Bronée is a sense-maker and engaging speaker who creates "ah-ha" moments that lead to a true understanding of the…

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