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Alumni Directory – S. Taorimino

Steve Taormino

Marketing & Communications Innovation

Professional Speaker, Stephen J. Taormino, President & CEO of CC&A Strategic Media, built the first CC&A website in 1999 while finishing his senior year of high school. Founding the company as a website design firm, Steve quickly realized the potential of digital marketing and web communications, and transitioned the organization into a full-service marketing and communications agency.

Steve strategically positioned the company as the leading agency in marketing psychology and human behaviors as they pertain to marketing, advertising, public relations, branding, and reputation management. CC&A has worked with organizations across the world for the singular purpose of building organizational prosperity through digital communications.

As a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Steve is widely considered an expert in marketing strategy, digital communications, branding, and technological integrations. He is on numerous boards for non-profit organizations and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Invited to participate in an international delegation of twenty CEO’s to Cuba to meet with government officials to share and discuss best business practices and web strategies.
  • Has been retained by the Maryland Attorney General’s office as an expert witness for digital reputation management and Google search engine results (SEO and SEM).
  • Has been featured as an expert and interviewed on television by CBS, NBC, and CNN regarding privacy policies of Google, Facebook, and other social medias.
  • Recipient of the Circle of Excellence award from SmartCEO Magazine for marketing strategy and technology.
  • Was the feature story and first millennial pictured on the cover of i95 Business Magazine for web innovation and web development strategy.
  • Invited to present as a keynote Speaker with Kathy Savitt (the former Yahoo CMO) at a digital marketing summit in New York City, NY.

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