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R. Langford

Ryan Langford


Ryan is 6-time entrepreneur with 4 successful exits, and has generated through his businesses over 750,000 customers all over the world. He has also travelled to 85 countries with his wife of 20 years and 6 children.

And yet, despite reaching some level of entrepreneurial success, he struggled for years with hidden diagnosis' of PTSD and DID.  Faced with a choice of ending his life or finding healing, he spent several years and $300,000 on his recovery, and no longer qualifies for either diagnosis.  And yet, he also came face-to-face with the reality that oftentimes the folks who need most need healing from trauma have the least access to it.  He set out to change that by establishing, a trauma healing organization designed to reduce the barrier-to-entry for trauma healing.

First and foremost, Ryan is an optimist that believes every person has everything they need within them to heal and thrive. As a speaker, he focuses on telling the stories of human triumph and resiliency in the face of great difficulty, and the lessons we can all learn from these stories.

Audiences often leave with a new sense of courage in the face of their own challenges and with a sense of their own capacity for doing good in the world.

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