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P. DeChant

Paul DeChant, MD, MBA

Executive adviser, keynote speaker, author, consultant

"The problem with burnout is the workplace, not the worker."

Informed by his unique combined experience as a practicing physician, medical group CEO, and healthcare consultant, Paul DeChant, MD, MBA is an author, keynote speaker, and coach to senior leaders who are committed to reducing clinician burnout while enhancing  organizational resilience.

Paul is a knowledgeable, energetic, and dynamic speaker who engages audiences all over the world. His unique perspective on the causes and solutions to clinician burnout provide audiences with new insights and opportunities to address one of the most significant challenges in healthcare today. Paul has been featured hundreds of times as a keynote speaker at professional conferences, health system retreats, and state and local medical society meetings.

Always prepared with relevant content, he brings humor and a contagious passion for making a difference in the livelihoods of not just clinicians but all healthcare professionals and leaders. Audiences come away with a deep understanding of the drivers of burnout and specific actions they can take in both the short and long term to change organizational culture and improve workflows to “allow doctors to be doctors.”

Paul started in healthcare as an orderly in an operating room in a large metropolitan hospital. But it was while practicing family and emergency medicine for 25 years in groups as small as 2 physicians and as large as 1200, that Paul became interested in burnout. He was frustrated by all the little, and a few big, things that went wrong when trying to provide his patients with the best care possible, and recognized the opportunity to dramatically change things for the better.

When he became the CEO of a 300-physician medical group with 1100 employees and $300M net revenue, Paul led a five-year transformation based on the theme of "Returning Joy to Patient Care".  The group became recognized by Consumer Reports as the top performer out of 170 medical groups in the State of California two years in a row, while improving physician satisfaction from the 45th to the 87th percentile on the American Medical Group Provider Satisfaction Survey.

His book, Preventing Physician Burnout: Curing the Chaos and Returning Joy to the Practice of Medicine, has received praise from nationally known academic experts in burnout and leaders in healthcare delivery innovation.

Since 2014 he has been advising healthcare system leaders internationally on transforming organizational culture and clinical workflows to reduce the drivers of burnout.

An energetic and engaging speaker, Paul has been featured over 100 times as a keynote speaker at professional conferences, health system retreats, and state and local medical society meetings. He blogs regularly at

As burnout has become a challenge across all industries, Paul has expanded beyond healthcare to support leaders in technology and retail service industries as they work to create a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining talented employees and ensuring that their people, and their organizations, have what it takes to thrive today and into the future.

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