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Paul Daniels

Int'l Speaker, Board Advisor, Author, Peripheral Thinker™

Paul Daniels is an international speaker, board advisor, and bestselling author. He's also a surfer, custom car builder, metal fabricator, furniture builder, and abstract painter. Paul is a collector of perspectives, connector of people, and crusher of the impossible.

His research of the world's most inventive leaders uncovered an innate set of super-skills. While only 10% of people are born with these skills, these leaders represent many of the world's most prolific innovators.

Paul's translation of these innate super-skills is the genesis of Peripheral Thinking™ and the core of his transformational keynotes.

Paul founded Peripheral Thinkers™—his speaking, advisory, mastermind, and collaborative think-tank business—to help the 90% learn and apply these super-skills. Audiences and clients learn to challenge convention, create new paths to growth and innovation, and thrive in any environment.

You may have seen his interviews on shows like the Climate Tech Awards (Paris), Business Gorillas (NYC), The B2B CEO Show (Austin), or The Breakthrough Show (Miami). Paul is featured in the book Peak Performance: Mindset Tools for Entrepreneurs (chapter 8).

His influence as an innovative thought leader spans four decades, 31 industries, and 27 countries. Paul's unique perspectives continue to energize audiences and companies of all sizes, including General Electric, UnitedHealthcare, WebMD, AT&T, Ericsson, SMU School of Law, and the US Paralympics.


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