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Pam Harper

Pam Harper helps CEOs, C-suite executives, and boards “break orbit” and achieve long-term success in a short-term world. She is a speaker, author, podcast host, and strategic growth advisor.

Pamela S. (Pam) Harper is an internationally known keynote and TEDx speaker, author, podcast host and Founding Partner and CEO of Business Advancement Inc. (BAI), a strategic growth advisory firm based in the New York City Metro Area.
Pam’s keynote focuses on the secrets of the successful visionary leaders who are able break the orbit of the status quo and achieve long-term growth - even in a short-term world. Visit
Pam is a trusted resource for CEOs, boards, and C-suite executives. Throughout her life, she has established a track record of finding the hidden opportunities in every situation and taking bold action to turn them into game-changing success. She is author of the critically acclaimed book, Preventing Strategic Gridlock®: Leading Over, Under & Around Organizational Jams to Achieve High Performance Results, which has been read in universities around the world. Her insights have been featured in prominent media outlets including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Investor’s Business Daily, Chief Executive, Pharmaceutical Executive, FEI Daily, Life Science Leader, and other major media across the United States.
Pam regularly shares her insights as co-host of the award winning audio podcast series Growth Igniters Radio with Pam Harper and Scott Harper®, now in its eighth year. Guests have included award winning CEOs and authors of best-selling business books. The series has been profiled in Marketplace, Seeking Alpha, MarketWatch and other media.
Pam graduated with honors from Northwestern University. Among her off-hour interests are singing and performing in Comic Opera (where she met Scott), becoming a yellow belt in Aiki Jiu-Jitsu, and having a great sense of direction − which has been enormously helpful when traveling to cities in 5 continents. She also enjoys caring for her pets and sharing stories, games, and great meals with family and friends.


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