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Nikki Shultz

Keynote Speaker and Leadership Development Workshop Coach (Vertical Development and Enneagram)

In professional speak, Nikki is a team and leadership development coach, consultant, speaker and CEO. In real speak, Nikki sees herself more as a soul guide with a calling to help awaken people's potential and ground them in the development territory map.

Nikki focuses on working with teams to level up their collective game using the Enneagram and vertical development. She is passionate about collective growth, which means she is passionate about facilitating polarity balance in every layer of the system (individual, team, organizational) for the sake of creating growth. This looks like supporting clients to assess and actively manage the polarity of Yin (long-term learning, listening & nurturing, heart & gut intelligence, the arts, faith, collaboration, group, constraints, safety) with the polarity of Yang (short-term results, telling & guiding, logic & mind intelligence, concrete data science, competition, individual, opportunity, risk). 

Nikki has coached CEOs, c-suite leaders and partners in a variety of industries and organization sizes. She is known for making difficult concepts easy to understand, listening for what is unsaid, shaping new world views, and skillfully coaching senior teams to navigate hard topics productively. A two-decade career in multiple industries, functions and leadership roles has given Nikki the organizational understanding to meet teams where they are in their own development journey and help them take the biggest step possible to grow. She earned a graduate certificate in Executive Coaching from the University of St Thomas and has completed advanced studies and certifications, including CP Enneagram, Growth Edge Coaching, Leadership Circle Profile, Vertical Mindset Indicator, Positive Intelligence and Inner Team Dialogue. In 2020, Nikki launched her business as a full-time external coach and consultant, founding Courageous Roots Development.

She joyfully chooses to live in the frozen tundra of Minnesota with her husband of 20+ years, four sons, N+1 bikes, 10 fish, a new puppy, too many houseplants to count, some deer in the backyard, a minivan, and a mug always filled with coffee.

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