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Loubna Noureddin

Professional keynote speaker, Executive coach, leadership scholar, Author

Professional keynote speaker, leadership scholar, civil war survivor and orphans advocate.

  • Co-Founder and CEO, Mind Market Consultants, a coaching and resource center for organizations and start ups who choose cultures of brilliance over unnecessary systems of chaos during change.
  • Recognized expert in the areas of leadership, organizational change, team culture and conflict in the workplace.
  • Forbes contributor, quoted in Chicago Tribune, interviewed in global radio talk shows
  • Top 10 training program designation for ten consecutive years by Training Magazine
  • Author of “Make Change Work for a Change”

Loubna is passionate about helping leaders succeed. She brings global experience in healthcare, higher education, logistics, government and the non-profit sector. She is known for her work with Harvard Manage Mentor to design customized leadership development programs.

Her passion for leadership development has positioned her training programs at the Top 10 by Training Magazine, the Association for Talent Development and American Healthcare Association.

Change is inevitable. And whether you create the consequences of change or inherit them, there’s a stark difference between leaders willing to address their shifting cultures vs. those living in denial that problems exist.

Loubna’s work attests that you are so much more than your survival skills. And that by truly respecting the talents within and around you, Potential will show its face.


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