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L. Bortone

Lou Bortone

Digital Marketing Consultant and Video Marketing Specialist

Lou Bortone is a writer, producer and speaker who keeps his friends close and his enemies closer.  Lou is also a ghostwriter, author, and Consigliere to some of the best and brightest minds in digital marketing.

Lou’s brushes with fame include getting drum lessons from Doors drummer John Densmore, and standing up to “Sonny Corleone” when he refused to re-write a promo script for James Caan while working at E! Entertainment Television.

Lou is a father to twins, a rescuer of Pugs, and an expert at Italian curses.  He’s also the author of “Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli: Leadership Lessons of The Godfather.”  Lou is a stand up guy who never rats on his friends, and always keeps his mouth shut… except for today when he’s agreed to talk with you!  Please welcome our favorite Wiseguy, Lou Bortone.


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