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L. Ryan

Lisa Ryan, CSP

I am a full-time keynote speaker. I also do training, workshops, and have some online products.

Lisa Ryan: Keynote Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneurial Expert in Manufacturing

Professional Journey and Expertise

  • Dynamic Keynote Speaker: Lisa Ryan is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) who has been speaking full time since October 12, 2010. She is renowned for her engaging and insightful keynote speeches, has carved a niche in the speaking world by focusing on workplace culture through gratitude strategies – Grategies – in the manufacturing, skilled trades, construction, and other blue-collar industries.
  • Accomplished Author: As an author of eleven books, Lisa has contributed significantly to the field of professional development and employee engagement. Her books offer a wealth of knowledge, blending research with practical insights, making them invaluable resources for professionals across various industries.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: The founder and Chief Appreciation Strategist of Grategy, Lisa stands out as a visionary entrepreneur. Her company, Grategy, is a testament to her innovative approach, where she integrates gratitude into business strategies, enhancing workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

Industry Focus

  • Manufacturing Background: With thirteen years of industrial sales experience, including seven years in the welding industry, Lisa brings a rare combination of industry-specific knowledge and motivational speaking. Her insights are particularly relevant to this field, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by manufacturing professionals.
  • Expertise in Skilled Trades: Lisa's work extends to the construction and skilled trades, where she offers tailored strategies to improve team dynamics, leadership, and employee retention.

Educational Background

  • Academic Background: Lisa received her MBA in a very non-traditional way – it took her fourteen years to get it. Working full-time during the day, Lisa attended school at night and was the first person in her family to get a degree.

Lisa is thrilled to be a member of the Heroic Public Speaking Alumni as she feels that this training continues to inspire, educate, and lead with her innovative approaches to her speaking business and making her keynote speeches infinitely referrable.


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