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L .Battaglia

Laurie Battaglia

Leadership Consultant, Business Strategist, DEIB Consultant

Laurie Battaglia is CEO of Aligned at Work®, a leadership development consulting firm with an emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging that helps solve people problems before they become profit problems. As a strategic advisor, executive coach, and inclusive leadership consultant, she is on a mission to wake up organization leaders who think that they can delay inevitable changes already affecting the workforce.   During her 35-year career, she worked for some of the nation’s largest investment and banking companies, including Wells Fargo and Vanguard. She believes in balancing people and profits for a sustainable future, and her superpower is building trust quickly with clients, team members, and diverse communities. A grandmom, mom, stepmom, and Reiki Master Teacher, she lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband, Joseph, and two cats, Cheddar and Maximus.


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