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Gena Cox, PhD

Organizational psychologist + executive coach + inclusion strategist

Dr. Gena Cox is an author, angel investor, entrepreneur, executive coach, and organizational psychologist. She says, “If there is one thing I know about, it is human behavior in the workplace!” But, since Gena was born in England, raised in the United States, and has advised leaders in many global companies, she is also a keen observer of cross-cultural variations in what makes leaders effective.

Gena also offers deep expertise to help leaders identify and remove the barriers that can impede their efforts to build inclusive organizations. Gena codified these insights in her award-winning book, “Leading Inclusion.” Add in her sense of humor, her multi-faceted career (she has been a journalist, professor, consultant, and corporate leader), and her fascination with butterflies. You get a speaker who talks about leadership and career pivots with nuanced insights that generate many memorable “ah-ha” moments!


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