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D. Khouri

Don Khouri

Speaker | Author | Executive Coach

Don Khouri is a speaker, author, and executive coach who helps corporate executives and business leaders who want to be more productive and profitable. He does this helping them streamline their activities and better choose activities on which to focus their time and attention. He is the author of When to Say Yes, The 5 Steps to Protect Your Time.

Dr. Khouri is known for his straightforward expertise when it comes to getting crystal clear on identifying which requests to accept, and which requests to say “no” to and reject. Through his coaching and training programs, busy executives are able to increase their productivity and focus, while eliminating the enormous volume of distractions that are part of being a business leader in today’s lightning-fast information age.

Don has an extensive background in software development and has held several key positions at Fidelity Investments during his successful 21-year career. His leadership positions at Fidelity Investments include being Vice President of Software Development, where he headed global teams and complex multi-million-dollar programs.

Don is a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. He holds a master’s degree in Human Development, and an MBA in Organizational Behavior from Boston University. In addition, he earned a bachelor’s degree from Babson College, which has been voted the top school in the U.S. for entrepreneurship.


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