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_D. Lea

David Lea

I am a trauma-informed polarity speaker, coach, teacher, and consultant

David is a trauma-informed polarity speaker, coach, and consultant with decades of expertise in trauma-healing, masculine & feminine polarity, relationships, wellness, and communication. He serves and supports men and women in their deep emotional healing. David is a visionary, thought-leader, and status-quo disruptor.

David routinely challenges commonly held social and cultural narratives that often stifle forward-thinking, emotional & physical healing, and purposeful world-change.

David founded his coaching practice (Daring Deeply, LLC) in June, 2020. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) providing overall business vision and direction, content creation and delivery, event execution, speaking, coaching, and teaching.

A native Missourian, David now calls Nashville, Tennessee home. David is happily married to his life and business partner, Paige Stuart-Lea. He's honored to be the father of three grown children. David has a deep passion for sports, fitness, the outdoors, travel, fashion, art, and music.


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