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Carole Mahoney

Sales trainer, consultant, coach, author and speaker

Author of the upcoming (Fall 2023) book  Buyer First: How to Sell the Way People Buy, Carole has been called the “Sales Therapist” by a Harvard Business School professor where she coaches on sales for their Entrepreneurial MBA program.

She is also the President of the AA-ISP Boston Chapter, been named as a top sales influencer by LinkedIn and Sales Hacker, and voted a top sales coach by Ambition.

As the founder of Unbound Growth, she uses sales specific data gathered from over 2.2 million sales professionals to determine what it takes to be a great seller or leader, and combines that with the behavioral research of how we change behaviors. 

This science and data backed process helps uncertain sales and business leaders reduce the guesswork out of hiring the right salespeople and cuts their hiring time and costs in half with a 91 % success rate. 

With custom sales training and coaching programs salespeople and managers have gone from on plan to consistently achieving 130-160% of quota in less than 6 months with a 98% annual customer retention rate. 


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