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B. Baker

Bob Baker

Medical keynote speaker. Author. Retired physician. Magician/ventriloquist.

I am a retired internist/gastroenterologist, now a medical keynote speaker and author. After nearly 40 years in medicine, I was looking to return to my performing roots and found HPS after reading Steal The Show. Since my first Grad class in 2016, I have attended every live Grad as a Fellow,  then Teaching Fellow, and now (because I'm old) Senior Teaching Fellow. I was in the first group of Teaching Fellows, for whom Michael and Amy created the position.

In my new career, I help physicians, nurses, and other health professionals create a great patient experience by optimizing the provider experience. My original  HPS keynote laid the foundation for my most recent book, The Performance of Medicine: Techniques From the Stage to Optimize the Patient Experience and Restore the Joy of Practicing Medicine. I was fortunate to have the wonderful AJ Harper as my developmental editor.

In my prior non-medical life, I was a professional magician and ventriloquist. I'm pretty sure I'm the only HPS alum to have appeared on America's Got Talent.

I didn't win.

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