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B. Inglish

Beth Inglish

Keynote Speaker, Nashville Singer-Songwriter, Visual Artist, Leader

Meet Beth Inglish, a renowned visual artist and influential leader based in the vibrant city of Nashville, TN. Beyond her extraordinary artistic talent, Beth's journey to success is one of resilience and triumph over childhood trauma.

Her unwavering spirit and creativity have helped her manage PTSD with remarkable strength, turning adversity into an opportunity for healing.

As the visionary founder of a thriving artist community boasting an impressive 10,000 members, Beth passionately guides fellow creatives to break free from the shackles of fear and embrace the liberating power of joy in their creative pursuits. Her leadership has fostered a supportive and inspiring environment where artists can flourish and collaborate.

Beth's artistic prowess has captured the attention of the nation, with her breathtaking creations gracing the screens of nationally syndicated television shows and adorning public art installations, murals, and the walls of private collectors worldwide. Notably, her art has even become a part of the fabric of everyday life, adorning the exterior of a city bus—a testament to her ability to bring art into the heart of communities.

Beyond her artistic achievements, Beth has taken her passion and expertise to the global stage as a captivating keynote speaker. With a profound mission to empower leaders, she illuminates the untapped potential of creativity as a force for wellness within organizations. Her keynote resonate with audiences worldwide, inspiring leaders to harness their innate creativity and steer their teams towards a path of collective growth and well-being.

Beth Inglish's journey from trauma survivor to celebrated artist and empowering speaker embodies the transformative power of creativity. Through her artistry and leadership, she continues to sow the seeds of inspiration, inviting others to discover the joy of creation and healing in their lives and communities.


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