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A. Becker

Arwen Becker

Financial Advisor who through public speaking, empowers women in their finances, and also advisors to know how best to tap into the women's market.

As the second shortest player on a division 1 volleyball team, Arwen Becker learned that hard work and perseverance are more valuable than natural talent. She also learned that preparation could get you through just about anything—including her 1999 cougar attack.  Just a few months after that attack, Arwen found herself as a 24-year-old divorced Zoology grad seeking a higher paying job. That landed her into a newly launched retirement planning firm and a new career in financial planning. For more than two decades, she has been the co-owner of Becker Retirement Group with her husband Randy.

After meeting with thousands of women over the years, Arwen has taken a direct focus on changing the way women are financially educated by creating her training organization, LIFE with Arwen. LIFE is an acronym – Leaders Inspiring Financial Empowerment that arms advisors with the proper tools to succeed in their practice, and to bring awareness to this national issue of female financial empowerment. Arwen leads and educates advisors to better understand how women learn differently, how to connect through the use of story, and best practices to thrive in marketing to women.

Arwen speaks nationally, more than 40 times a year, is the author of She Handled It, So Can You!, creator of the YouVersion Women & Money devotional, is the host of the She Handled It! podcast, and is often featured as a guest expert on TD Ameritrade Network, Yahoo Finance, and many others. She is a proud mom to three boys, and life-long athlete who loves to travel.


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