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A. Melikan

Ana Melikian, Ph.D.

Keynote Speaker | Consultant | Coach

Dr. Ana Melikian is the host of the MINDSET ZONE podcast and a sought-after female keynote speaker. Ana has a Ph.D. in Psychology and 20+ years of experience working in human potential.

Her keynote, “The Happiness Fallacy” re-envisions and revitalizes how we think about and work with happiness for personal and collective good.

Ana is an optimist who had to overcome two bouts with cancer to learn that pursuing happiness is a fallacy, and that is one of the seven blind spots she uncovers in order to help us achieve our highest potential.

Her MINDSET ZONE podcast was selected for The Huffington Post‘s “15 Podcasts That Will Leave You Pondering Life's Big Questions,” listed alongside the Peabody Award-winning “On Being” and “TED Radio Hour” by NPR.

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