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Amy Dix

Keynote Speaker

“A breath of fresh air, Amy inspires others through her positive outlook on life!”

International Speaker, Professional Speed Painter, Happiness Expert, & Two-Time No. 1 International Best-Selling Author

Amy inspires others to live life on a different level, rooted in positivity and pure happiness. She is the host of the happiest podcast on the internet, “Unlocking Happiness” reaching audiences worldwide. 

Influenced by her mom, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Amy researched the science of positivity and happiness as illustrated in her latest book, “SEVEN MORE DAYS: Live a Life That's Bursting with Positivity and Happiness ... Before It's Too Late.”

Seven More Days celebrates the transformative power of positivity and the potential of ultimate joy. It became a bestseller in eight countries and eight categories. 

She now brings this message to the stage, creating a gripping experience of emotion, catapulting happiness, and challenging the chaos in today’s world.


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