A close-knit community of artists, artisans, and family-owned small businesses,
Lambertville and its neighboring town of New Hope, PA, have become a creative
home-away-from home for our students.

Our hometown is something of a best-kept secret.

Lambertville, NJ, and New Hope, PA, are accessible from four major airports. But our spellbinding downtowns, our welcoming neighbors, and our tranquil location along the banks of the Delaware River foster the ideal atmosphere for total creative escape.

When our students are here, they feel liberated. Liberated to more fully express themselves, more boldly explore new ideas, and more confidently be who they truly are when the spotlight and the eyes of their audience aren’t upon them.

From the river, to the forest, to the shops downtown and the crystal-clear Hunterdon County stars at night, this is a place for creation, rejuvenation, and transformation. But like any best-kept secret, you really have to experience this place for yourself to truly grasp what makes our hometown so special.

The Bridge

The Bridge

Lambertville and New Hope are separated by the churning waters of the Delaware River—but connected by the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge, a 100+ year old steel truss bridge that binds our community together.

In cars and on foot, thousands of people cross the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge every day. Their journey is cast against a stunning backdrop of a rushing river and rolling hills, sandwiched between two bustling downtowns.

The New Hope-Lambertville Bridge stands as a symbol of all that we strive to embody at Heroic Public Speaking. It’s tested, dependable, and, most importantly, it takes people from where they are to where they need to be.

At HPS, we see ourselves as a bridge between where our students are and the transformation they need to undergo in order to achieve their speaking dreams. Our programming, our team, and our location in Lambertville have been carefully cultivated and refined over years to foster that crucial transformation in a way that we believe can be truly life-changing.


New perspectives. New ideas.
New ways of seeing the world.

When you venture somewhere new, you open yourself up to an endless realm of creative possibilities. That’s the experience of working with HPS in Lambertville, NJ.

There’s a kinetic energy that runs through these two small towns, and for years, our students have benefited from tapping into it. Once they arrive, our students are given an unprecedented amount of support, encouragement, and development from our team at HPS so that they feel safe to fully step outside of their comfort zone.

That’s when the real magic happens.

They have breakthroughs. They realize the courage to be who they want to be. They let the creative challenges we pose to them and the natural charm and beauty of the region propel them forward toward a stronger speech and a more compelling performance.


Here, our students feel free and supported to make the strong creative choices that will lead to the transformation they need.

Here, our students feel free and supported to make the strong creative choices that will lead to the transformation they need.

They take big steps toward realizing their dreams—and toward a transformed version of themselves.

Our community is at the very core of who we are and what we do. It shares our values, ignites our inspiration, and fosters our growth every single day. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and neither would so many of our students who’ve come to cherish it as their creative home-away-from-home.

We hope to share it with you.


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