Based in beautiful Lambertville, New Jersey, Heroic Public Speaking is a public speaking training institute that offers the most rigorous and intensive keynote speaker training in the world.

Founded in 2014 by Michael and Amy Port, Heroic Public Speaking has helped thousands of coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and movement leaders stop speaking and start performing.

A husband and wife team, Michael and Amy combine their years of acting and speaking experience to provide their students with an unparalleled and transformative educational experience. Both Michael and Amy trained and worked in the industry as professional actors for years. Michael is a retired professional speaker, and is the author of nine books.

Under Michael and Amy’s leadership, Heroic Public Speaking is developing and nurturing the next generation of professional speakers.



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  • Michael Port intro script

    My guest today is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today best selling author.

    He’s written nine books, which have been translated into twenty nine languages.

    He’s a classically trained actor, a former professional actor, a retired keynote speaker, and an entrepreneur.

    In 2014 with his wife Amy Port, he founded Heroic Public Speaking, a training institute that offers the most rigorous and intensive keynote speaker training in the world

    As Co-Founder and CEO of Heroic Public Speaking, he helps coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and movement leaders from around the world stop speaking and start performing.

    I’m pleased to welcome to the show…Michael Port.

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Between studying acting at the graduate level, climbing to the top of the keynote speaking circuit, and founding multiple thriving businesses…let’s just say our resumes are anything but boring.

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Whatever yours are, we probably meet them. Michael has been doing this stuff before podcasting even became a thing. When it comes to mics, amps, camera, and lighting, we've got top-of-the-line equipment.


When Michael and Amy founded Heroic Public Speaking, Michael decided to retire from the public speaking keynote circuit. However, he does occasionally speak at select events.

If you'd like to invite Michael or Amy to come speak at your event, please complete the form below. (We can’t guarantee anything, but hey—it’s worth a shot, right?)

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