Is Looking For a Sales Assistant


What We Believe

We believe that a speech has the power to change the world and the people in it—including the Speaker.

What We Do

Heroic Public Speaking helps speakers with transformational ideas leverage the power of performance to move audiences (and themselves) to think, feel, and act differently. Simply put, we help speakers deliver best in class performances so their ideas take hold and spread.

Who We Do It For

  1. Professional speakers and soon-to-be professional speakers.
  2. Entrepreneurs who use speaking to build their brands and book more business.
  3. Mission-driven people who want to advance a cause or lead a movement.

What We’ve Built

Heroic Public Speaking is considered by many to be the preeminent public speaking and communications training company in the world. We're a small company with headquarters in Lambertville, NJ, founded by a husband and wife team; our values reflect our love for each other, the work we do, and the people we do it with.

Who We Hire

It's easy to say we care … but we really do. We work hard, and we do it together. We know that no one is perfect and that sometimes non-traditional hires are the best hires. In fact, most of the people working at HPS, including the founders, currently do something different than they did in their previous jobs or what they were originally trained to do. Bottom line: we want you if you produce results and we want you to be happy while doing it.


Heroic Public Speaking is searching for a Sales Assistant who can offer reliable support to the President and Co-Founder of the company to help improve efficiency. The Sales Assistant will be responsible for maintaining regular contact with clients, ensuring that all sales processing is completed and tracked.


We are committed to making sure that our clients have a transformational experience when they are taking our programs or attending our events: and they absolutely do. However, while we write with intent and attempt to describe our services and our organization in the most impactful way possible, it can be hard for people to fully appreciate the return on investment they receive from working with us before they actually work with us. That’s why it’s often important for our President and Co-Founder to talk with potential students on the phone. Phone calls take time, as do the associated sales administration activities, including but not limited to: scheduling appointments, sending follow up emails with documents and logistical details, processing credit cards, and executing contracts. If our President has a Sales Assistant who provides support in these and other areas, it allows her to spend more time with prospective clients.


You’re as charming and savvy in-person as you are on the phone. With strong verbal and written communication skills, you’ll interact with our clients: CEOs and founders, Admirals and Navy Seals, Olympians and oligarchs (just kidding, no oligarchs), politicians (but only the nice ones), bestselling authors, business owners, and people leading movements and advancing important causes.

Just like Heroic Public Speaking, our clients have bold goals. You’ll work closely with the President and Co-Founder of the company, where your ideas will be heard and propelled forward. If you find that crafting the right email message that gets someone to say, “Yes!” can be more addictive than binge-watching Game of Thrones, and finding ways to make people feel like rock stars sounds like a challenge you’d like to accept, then this position might just be for you.

We don’t expect you to have extensive sales experience but the position requires top-notch communication and administrative skills. You’re not responsible for closing sales; you’re responsible for making the sales process smooth, efficient, and fast for the President and the new client.


  • Update customer records in the company database and tracking systems.
  • Process sales by taking credit card information and processing it in our system.
  • Schedule sales meetings for the President of the company.
  • Prepare briefs on potential clients before sales conversations so the President has a complete understanding of who they’re speaking with and what’s important to that client.
  • Write emails on behalf of the President of HPS at different points in the sales process.
  • Monitor and improve sales processes to reduce waste and speed up the process.
  • Contact customers to answer basic procedural questions or to gauge their level of satisfaction with the company.
  • Collaborate with the sales staff to monitor active purchase orders and make sure that orders are completed on time.
  • Maintain relationships for our President on her social media platforms.
  • All other duties as assigned; you may pick up lunch or send out gifts to clients; you may create and format documents; you may even pick up a special client at the airport in an emergency (this has never happened but it could). The point is, if you’re flexible, adaptable, and easy to work with, you’ll excel in this position. Since we’re a small company we all pitch in when needed. No task is too small or too big for anyone in the company from the CEO to the various assistant roles. We’re all in it together. And, we can do more together than we can do alone.


We don’t really care where you went to school or what level of education you’ve achieved. We care about who you are now and how you show up in the world now. We have an intelligent and sophisticated group of people working together with shared values. However, how someone did in school, where they went to school, or what they studied isn’t the first thing we consider when making our hiring decisions.

We don’t just accept difference: we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our team, our programs, and our community. Heroic Public Speaking is an equal opportunity workplace, and we encourage all qualified candidates to apply.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; you enjoy engaging with and influencing others.
  • Excitement over the idea of communicating with our clients on a daily basis.
  • Ability to be disciplined about the tracking of important sales metrics and other data.
  • Accountability and fast turnaround.
  • Willingness to take well-informed risks: not shy away from them.
  • Proven ability to manage multiple priorities and meet a deadline.
  • Desire to work in a fast-moving and agile environment. (If you’re looking for a job where everything is the same all the time and people just mark their time, then HPS is not the place for you. We’re ambitious, energetic, playful, purposeful, and do the right thing—even when it’s inconvenient.)
  • Comfort with taking direction and responding to feedback well.
  • Can collaborate and work in support of other teammates as well as work independently and be a self-starter.
  • Enjoy drama on the stage or TV but aren’t interested in it on a day-to-day basis. A high degree of emotional intelligence and presence of mind is an absolute.


We’re a company that embraces technology so you must be comfortable learning and using modern processing and communication applications like Google Suite and Slack. We also use the following programs: Workboard for goal setting, tracking, and project management; Airtable for data management; WayWeDo for documented checklists and standard operating procedures; 1Password for, you guessed it, password management; and Infusionsoft for customer relationship management and payment processing. If you haven't used some of these platforms, don't let that discourage you if you are nimble with learning platforms. Our savviest team members were able to pick these up right away.


This role is a full-time position. The company currently offers enrollment in a Platinum health insurance plan through United Healthcare and pays 50% of the premiums for you and your dependants if you choose to enroll.



Salary for this position is in the range of $45,000 to $55,000. Compensation packages are revisited annually at the end of the calendar year and raises are commensurate with the impact you make on the growth of the company.

All new employees start with a three month “trial period.” This gives us the ability to train you well and ensure you’re set up for success. It also gives us the opportunity to experience your work in real time and evaluate accordingly. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to make sure that HPS is the right environment for you. We’re not looking to hire people who just punch a clock. We care deeply about the development of all employees and love providing mentorship to talented and aspirational people who are fully committed to the mission of HPS. Please see the HPS CORE VALUES at the bottom of this job description.

Retirement Plan

The company currently offers a device allowance plan and a very generous retirement plan in the form of a Defined Benefit Plan and contributes pre-tax dollars equal to at least 6.5% of your salary each year for full time employees that qualify for the plan. There is also a 401K plan to which you can choose to contribute if you’d like. Your contributions to the 401K can be in the form of a post-tax ROTH 401K or pre-tax Traditional 401K.

Vacation Days

HPS full-time employees are provided with 4 weeks (20 days) of paid vacation time per calendar year. If an employee starts after January 1 of the current calendar year, they will be provided with a prorated amount of days based on the number of weeks they will work in that calendar year. On January 1 of each year, employees will reset with 20 days for the upcoming calendar year.

Official Holidays

Holidays are updated and approved on December 1 of each year for the upcoming calendar year. These are the official days that the office is closed and employees will be paid their regular rate.

Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
New Year’s Day


There is opportunity for travel from time to time with the founders or other faculty members to attend conferences and provide support during speaking engagements.


This position is located at Heroic Public Speaking HQ in Lambertville, NJ. Our work hours are traditional but not rigid. The President is usually in around 8am and out by 4pm and the Sales Assistant’s hours usually align with the President’s. Flexibility and adaptability are hallmarks of success at HPS. When employees are flexible, management can also be flexible.


  • Your resume.
  • A cover letter.
  • Links to your public social media profiles. (If you don’t have these, just explain why in your cover letter.)
  • A private link to a short video (around 2 min or so) introduction posted on the video platform of your choice (we highly recommend using Loom because it’s so easy). We don’t expect an Oscar Award-winning speech. We just want to get to know you and give you the opportunity to tell us, in your own words, why you are the perfect person for this position. Here’s a framework for you video:
    • Your name and email address.
    • A little bit about your current or most recent job.
    • What you do really well―your strengths.
    • What interests you about working at Heroic Public Speaking.
    • And anything else you think is relevant.

We can’t promise to interview everyone who applies for a position at HPS but we promise to review every application that is submitted. We know how challenging the job hunting process can be and we respect all the effort you put in to land the job of your dreams. Maybe the job of your dreams is here at HPS HQ.


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1. We develop people …

  • … so we look for what’s working before we look for faults in performance.
  • … so we give people the feedback they need to improve their performance in a way that they can hear.
  • … so we encourage and support people to go after big goals that might make them nervous.
  • … so we embrace changing roles and responsibilities as we grow.
  • … so we regularly express our gratitude and recognize the sacrifices people make in pursuit of big goals.

2. We make and keep promises …

  • … so we do what we say we’re going to do even when it’s inconvenient.
  • … so we show up prepared and on time.
  • … so we don't make loose commitments that could lead to unmet expectations; we are explicit and clear in our promises even if we have to say "no."
  • … so we communicate in advance if a deliverable has changed.

3. We apply constraints to be more creative …

  • … so we use process checklists to free our minds from worrying about the busy work.
  • … so we don’t distract each other with unnecessary noise or clutter.
  • … so we are lean and nimble and can adapt to whatever comes our way.
  • … so we protect our time to allow for focused creativity.
  • … so we keep our space and ourselves clean, tidy, and organized.

4. We pursue mastery of craft …

  • … so we create transformational experiences for our students.
  • … so we are more focused on being effective than being right.
  • … so we adhere to the HPS Operating System completely.
  • … so we develop everyone’s skillset because talent is overrated.
  • … so we produce “client ready” work; we don’t do sloppy.

5. We stay focused and on track …

  • … so we use OKRs to achieve our goals and guide our activities.
  • … so we play the long game and focus on the end goal rather than short term hacks.
  • … so we get gritty and try again if something doesn’t work and, if it still doesn’t work, we try something different.
  • … so we make decisions that align with our shared goals.

6. We create collaboratively …

  • … so we ask for help when we need it.
  • … so we treat others they way they want to be treated.
  • … so we make sure to recognize each members’ contributions.
  • … so we say, “Yes, and..” rather than “Yeah, but…”

7. We are always performers; never critics …

  • … so we go high when others go low.
  • … so we focus on achieving our goals instead of beating others.
  • … so we don’t waste time being petty or small.
  • … so we lift others up rather than put them down.

8. We care more about results than approval …

  • … so we don’t do unnecessary work just to look busy or impressive.
  • … so we don’t say we know how to do something when we really don’t.
  • … so we are transparent about our losses as well as our wins.
  • … so we make all company metrics public for team members to see.
  • … so we bounce back quickly when rejected or disappointed.
  • … so we exceed even our own expectations.

9. We communicate clearly and directly …

  • … so we never gossip or pander.
  • … so we show respect to others.
  • … so we get to the point and don’t waste time.
  • … so we stand behind our convictions and values.

10. We take care of our family …

  • … so we are flexible and adapt to the needs of our employees.
  • … so we offer meaningful compensation, benefits and life experiences for our employees and their families.
  • … so we spend time with our employees’ family members and get to know them well.
  • … so we name HPS HQ offices after our employees’ children.


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