Project Manager

at Heroic Public Speaking HQ


What We Believe

We believe that a speech has the power to change the world and the people in it—including the speaker.

What We Do

Heroic Public Speaking helps speakers with transformational ideas leverage the power of performance to move audiences (and themselves) to think, feel, and act differently. Simply put, we help speakers deliver best in class performances so their ideas take hold and spread.

Who We Do It For

  • Professional speakers and soon-to-be professional speakers.
  • Entrepreneurs who use speaking to build their brands and book more business.
  • Mission-driven people who want to advance a cause or lead a movement.
  • Executives who need to move people towards a big vision.

What We’ve Built

Heroic Public Speaking is considered by many to be the preeminent keynote speaker training company in the world. We're a small company with headquarters in Lambertville, NJ, and were founded by a husband and wife team.

Who We Hire

It's easy to say we care … but we really do. We know that no one is perfect and that non-traditional hires are often the best hires. In fact, most of the people working at Heroic Public Speaking, including the founders, currently do something different than they did in their previous jobs or what they were originally trained to do. Bottom line: we want you if you produce results, and we want you to be happy while doing it.


We need a Project Manager who can gracefully and effectively manage the lifecycle of a project, including (but not limited to) the people working on it, the work being done, and the outcome produced.

If you’ve got the chops and you want to use your skills for good by driving outcomes for an organization that shares your same core values, then look no further than Heroic Public Speaking. (It also helps that our services really are that good, and people really do rave about them. Just sayin’.)

We have some goals, and we need your help. They’re achievable and, since you love a good challenge, you’ll be over the moon when we achieve them together. We know it matters to you that a strong and supportive team has your back even when you’re the one leading them on a project.

You’ll work closely with the co-founders, the Director of Operations, and various team members as needed to design project outcomes. Then you’ll work closely with the team to manage, execute, and complete these important projects. We’ll support, advise, nurture, encourage, and inspire you every step of the way.

Primary Activities and End Results

  1. Work with leadership to conceptualize solutions to problems or opportunities for the business to increase revenue, reduce costs, and/or improve operations and client experience. This includes working with team members to generate options and analyze and select the best.
  2. Detail the selected option by generating a scope document, with a cost estimate and timeline.
  3. Get approval for this scope package and prepare the project for research, prototype, and implementation phases.
  4. Organize the team that will perform the work of the project. This includes identifying resources, kicking off the project and providing the leadership and motivation to the team to successfully complete the project.
  5. Manage the execution of the project using the prescribed work process and appropriate tools and techniques.
  6. Monitor the progress and cost of the project on a timely basis.
  7. Identify issues and problems, make judgements about the severity and make appropriate interventions to resolve the issue or solve the problem.
  8. Report significant issues to appropriate stakeholders.
  9. Ensure that appropriate stakeholders are involved in the project at appropriate times.
  10. Bring the project in on time and on budget to great success and rave reviews.

About The Kind of Person We Think is Right for This Position

We’re looking to make an investment in someone who wants to grow with us and who appreciates the opportunity to learn the inner workings of a business so they can improve it for our students and team. We take the hiring and support of team members very seriously, so if your personal and professional development is of great interest and importance to you, you’ll love it at Heroic Public Speaking.

You’re right for this position if you:

  • Are surprisingly resourceful.
  • Make commitments and fulfill them.
  • Love, love, love processes and systems thinking, along with project execution.
  • Are able to communicate your vision for projects in a way that brings people together to produce something better than they initially imagined.
  • Are regularly told how easy it is to work with you.
  • Adapt well to change.
  • Take supportive, encouraging feedback and coaching for what it is: supportive, encouraging feedback and coaching.
  • Ask questions until you’re comfortable you have all the information you need.
  • Truly understand the difference between being busy and being productive.
  • Resolve conflict gracefully and solve problems generously.

Three reasons you’ll love being part of the team at Heroic Public Speaking:

  • You’ll do your best work and see it impact the lives of others.
  • You’ll continue to learn and get to work on many different types of projects.
  • You’ll work with the most delightful team of good humans who make values-driven choices.

(See our values included at the end of the job description.)

In short, we need you to:

  1. Lead and manage company projects, including (but not limited) to the most critical and transformational projects.
  2. Design and document standard operating procedures, project plans, and systems that improve project and process workflow, as well as outcomes


We don’t really care where you went to school or what level of education you’ve achieved. (Although, if you’ve got project management credentials and certifications, we’d love to hear about them.) We care about who you are now and how you show up in the world now. We have an intelligent and sophisticated group of people working together with shared values. However, how someone did in school, where they went to school, or what they studied isn’t the first thing we consider when making our hiring decisions.

We’re a learning organization, so our most effective and successful team members are the ones most committed to learning and growing. The ones who’ll comfortably admit they don’t know something or know how to do something will say, “I don’t know but I’ll learn how.”


  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; you enjoy engaging with and influencing others.
  • Willingness to take well-informed risks: not shy away from them.
  • A high degree of emotional intelligence and presence of mind. This is an absolute. (We all enjoy drama on the stage or TV…but we aren’t interested in it on a day-to-day basis. You shouldn’t be either.)


Salary for this position is in the range of $70,000 to $85,000, depending on experience level, plus many other valuable benefits that expand your compensation package are included (listed below). Comp packages are revisited annually at the end of the calendar year and raises are commensurate with the impact you make on the growth of the company. Note that our benefits increase your overall comp package by approximately nine percent. So, for example, if your salary is $75,000, your benefits may add another $7,000 in value to your compensation, bringing your total package closer to $82,000.


  • 20 days PTO (+ paid time off for official holidays). We love and respect brain breaks.
  • 401K plan. Your contributions to the 401K can be in the form of a post-tax ROTH 401K or pre-tax Traditional 401K. Safe harbor 3% of total comp.
  • Platinum health insurance plan. We share the premiums for you and your dependents, if you choose to enroll.
  • Monthly cash allowance for your computer and phone.
  • Life insurance and disability insurance.


Sometimes you’ll work from home or your favorite coffee shop, sometimes you’ll work at Heroic Public Speaking HQ in Lambertville, NJ.

You won’t be expected to travel out of state but opportunities may present themselves from time to time for various reasons – a conference, business development meeting, training.

Although we may like to learn quickly and hate wasting time, we also take plenty of time off to travel or chill. We’re only at our headquarters in Lambertville, NJ for client events or the occasional team meetings. The rest of the time we work from our respective homes and do the Zoom.


We’re a company that values and embraces technology; you must be comfortable learning and using modern processing and communication applications, like Google Suite and Slack. We also use the following programs: ZenDesk, ClickUp, Airtable, 1Password, and HubSpot.

If you haven't used some of these platforms, don't let that discourage you. Our savvy team members were able to pick these platforms up right away with the proper training.


  • Your resume.
  • A cover letter.
  • A 1 - 3 minute video introducing yourself. Tell us why you want this job and describe the value you’re able to bring to Heroic Public Speaking. Please note that we aren’t expecting high production value, we just want to hear from you.
  • Links to your public social media profiles. (If you don’t have these, just explain why in your cover letter.)

We can’t promise to interview everyone who applies for a position at Heroic Public Speaking, but we promise to review every application that is submitted. We know how challenging the job hunting process can be and we respect all the effort you put in to land the job of your dreams. Maybe the job of your dreams is here at Heroic Public Speaking HQ.

BTW, we also ask you some questions in the application. We do this to get to know you. We want to know how you think and what’s interesting and important to you.

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1. We can do more together than we can alone.

By bringing in fresh insights and diverse perspectives, we learn more and feel more connected to the work we do. Collaboration is essential to the growth of our minds and our business.

2. We pursue mastery of craft.

In everything we do, we choose to hold ourselves to the highest standards. We bring an attitude of excellence to our work; we strive constantly to develop our craft, our character, and each other.

3. We are always performers, never critics.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a performer is critical to the creative process. We keep our minds open; we respect and honor that there are many different ways to approach the work we get to complete in our lives. We don’t waste time being petty, small, negative, or judgmental.

4. We make and keep promises.

Results and reputation are dependent on our ability to make commitments and fulfill them. When we do what we say we are going to do, doors open and opportunities abound.

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