Instructional Designer

at Heroic Public Speaking HQ


Heroic Public Speaking (HPS) is considered by many to be the preeminent keynote Speaker training company in the world. We're a small company with headquarters in Lambertville, NJ, and were founded by a husband and wife team.

HPS helps speakers with transformational ideas leverage the power of performance to move audiences (and themselves) to think, feel, and act differently. Simply put, we help speakers deliver best in class performances so their ideas take hold and spread because we believe that a speech has the power to change the world and the people in it—including the speaker.


Heroic Public Speaking is seeking a talented Instructional Designer to help us build and diversify our programmatic offerings. The right candidate for this role will fully manage the programmatic design process from inception through implementation, for multiple new courses that need to be designed within the same time frame.

The ideal candidate for this role will be passionate about adult learning and development, experiential design, and technology.


  • Collaborate with contractors to translate new and old intellectual property into curriculums and virtual courses.
  • Design, build, and implement multiple courses and programs on an ongoing basis.
  • Identify, evaluate, and integrate technologies and media into effective instructional and learning design plans.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional design process and product and devise solutions to maximize learning outcomes.


  • At least 3-5 years experience designing virtual courses and/or other instructional resources for adult learners.
  • Prior experience working in LMS and ILP platforms and other learning design software.
  • Ability to demonstrate a foundational knowledge of instructional design principles, methods, and techniques.


  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; you enjoy engaging with and influencing others.
  • Accountability.
  • Willingness to take well-informed risks, not shy away from them.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and meet a deadline while maintaining an emphasis on detail and excellent follow-through.
  • Comfort with taking direction and responding to feedback well while also having the confidence to improve company processes.
  • Ability to collaborate and work in support of other teammates, as well as work independently.
  • An appreciation for drama on the stage or TV, but a preference to avoid it on a day-to-day basis.
  • A high degree of emotional intelligence and presence of mind is an absolute.


We’re a company that values and embraces technology; you must be comfortable learning and using modern processing and communication applications, like Google Suite, ClickUp, and Slack.

Additionally, you should have experience working and designing within ILPs and LMSs. Our current learning management system is Thinkific.


Salary for this position is in the range of $70,000 to $85,000, depending on experience level, plus health and retirement benefits that increase your total compensation.


  • 20 days PTO (+ paid time off for official holidays). We love and respect brain breaks.
  • 401K plan. Your contributions to the 401K can be in the form of a post-tax ROTH 401K or pre-tax Traditional 401K. Safe harbor 3% of total comp.
  • Platinum health insurance plan. We share the premiums for you and your dependents, if you choose to enroll.
  • Monthly cash allowance for your computer and phone.
  • Life insurance and disability insurance.


This role is predominantly remote. However, you may occasionally need to travel to our headquarters, located in Lambertville, NJ, for collaborative curriculum development with team members and other contractors.


  • Your resume.
  • A cover letter.
  • A private link to a short video introduction posted on the video platform of your choice (around 2 min or so). We don’t expect an Oscar Award-winning speech but please DO NOT READ OFF A SCRIPT. We just want to get to know you and give you the opportunity to tell us, in your own words, why you are the perfect person for this position.
  • Links to your public social media profiles. (If you don’t have these, just explain why in your cover letter.)
  • If possible, an example of a course or program you previously designed.

We can’t promise to interview everyone who applies for a position at Heroic Public Speaking, but we promise to review every application that is submitted. We know how challenging the job hunting process can be, and we respect all the effort you put into your application..

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1. We can do more together than we can alone.

By bringing in fresh insights and diverse perspectives, we learn more and feel more connected to the work we do. Collaboration is essential to the growth of our minds and our business.

2. We pursue mastery of craft.

In everything we do, we choose to hold ourselves to the highest standards. We bring an attitude of excellence to our work; we strive constantly to develop our craft, our character, and each other.

3. We are always performers, never critics.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a performer is critical to the creative process. We keep our minds open; we respect and honor that there are many different ways to approach the work we get to complete in our lives. We don’t waste time being petty, small, negative, or judgmental.

4. We make and keep promises.

Results and reputation are dependent on our ability to make commitments and fulfill them. When we do what we say we are going to do, doors open and opportunities abound.

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