Enrollment Advisor

at Heroic Public Speaking HQ


What We Believe

We believe that a speech has the power to change the world and the people in it—including the speaker.

What We Do

Heroic Public Speaking helps speakers with transformational ideas leverage the power of performance to move audiences (and themselves) to think, feel, and act differently. Simply put, we help speakers deliver best in class performances so their ideas take hold and spread.

Who We Do It For

  • Professional speakers and soon-to-be professional speakers.
  • Entrepreneurs who use speaking to build their brands and book more business.
  • Mission-driven people who want to advance a cause or lead a movement.
  • Executives who need to move people towards a big vision.

What We’ve Built

Heroic Public Speaking is considered by many to be the preeminent keynote speaker training company. Founded by Michael and Amy Port, a husband and wife team, we are headquartered in Lambertville, NJ, but our clients visit us from all over the world. Michael is a NYT, WSJ, and USA Today bestselling author of nine books.

Our team is small but highly effective. Their commitment to our clients is unwavering and their focus on excellence is intrinsically motivated. We are profitable, and we have an impeccable reputation in our industry; our clients are industry thought leaders, and we are positioned for significant growth.

What we don’t have is you. And we need you to achieve our goals. We believe that we can do more together than we can alone.


Job Title: Enrollment Advisor
Company: Heroic Public Speaking
Location: Headquartered in Lambertville, NJ. (This is a hybrid role.)

Heroic Public Speaking is seeking a talented Enrollment Advisor with a track record of increasing client referrals and conversions of leads to sales – with integrity.

If you are a trustworthy sales professional who successfully enrolls clients through a consultative approach, then you will love being part of the team at Heroic Public Speaking.

If the idea of spending your time getting to know thought leaders—Navy SEALS, Astronauts, Entrepreneurs, C-Level Executives, Olympians, FBI agents, professional musicians—and others doing important and impactful work excites you, then you’ll close out each day with a kick in your step, feeling inspired by the work you do.

If you have the acumen to keep up with these leaders across all industries, and know how to cut through the fluff to find the right solutions for them, you’ll excel in this role.

If you’re an intrinsically motivated person who;d prefer to earn a guaranteed salary with benefits (rather than a nominal base plus commission), then you’ll be proud to call Heroic Public Speaking your home away from home.

Key Competencies

Results driven: This role requires the right candidate to have a strong focus on achieving set targets and objectives. So you need to possess enthusiasm, ambition, and motivation in order to be able to drive results.

Consultative approach: It’s crucial that our Enrollment Advisor possess the ability to understand the needs of the customer and apply consultative skills to provide effective solutions. So you need to be able to demonstrate an ability to listen, understand customer needs, and develop creative solutions that meet those needs.

Strong communication skills: Quality communication is essential for success in this role. So you must be able to express complex ideas concisely and have the confidence to persuade potential customers with ease. You should also be able to exhibit excellent interpersonal and written communication skills.

Negotiation skills: The right candidate will be highly skilled in the art of negotiation. So you need to have the ability to effectively communicate and find common ground with customers. You must also possess an understanding of how to close deals quickly and efficiently.

Time management & organization: Time management is a key trait for every member of our team. You should be able to effectively plan and prioritize your tasks in order to maximize efficiency and ensure targets are met. You should also have an organized approach when dealing with customer needs and queries.

Additionally, our ideal candidate is:

  • Proactive and forward-thinking, regularly bringing new ideas to the table.
  • Dedicated to continuous learning and had an ability to impart knowledge with grace and care.
  • Resilient and flexible, able to bounce back from setbacks with ease and grace.
  • Always honest and considers integrity a cornerstone of their character and reputations.

Overview of General Responsibilities

The responsibilities and duties of this Enrollment Advisor position include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop and nurture relationships with potential clients.
  • Achieve personal and company sales targets and quotas.
  • Field incoming sales inquiries.
  • Follow up on qualified leads.
  • Prospect, qualify, strategize, and close new client scopes of work/contracts.
  • Consult past clients and identify lost client issues.
  • Log sales calls and notes in CRM (HubSpot).
  • Attend events at Heroic Public Speaking HQ to interact and develop relationships with both leads and clients.
  • Continue to support clients in their goal setting and progression into higher level programs.
  • Collaborate with the Student Experience Manager. (We refer to our clients as “students,” but for this job posting we use the term “clients” so as not to confuse anyone), following through with client-care during the sales cycle/student journey until all services sold have been successfully delivered.



  • 2+ years of sales experience.
  • Demonstrated sales close rate year over year.
  • Experience developing relationships and closing business both virtually and in-person.
  • Tech savvy (experience with CRM platforms).


  • 3+ years of sales experience.
  • Experience selling consulting, adult learning, and professional development services.
  • Professional service industry experience.
  • Experience working with small to mid-sized business owners.


  • Experience working in the thought leadership industry.
  • Existing network of Thought Leaders – Authors and Speakers.
  • Experience with HubSpot CRM


Salary for this position is in the range of $75,000 to $85,000. If you consistently achieve your individual goals and hit your targets, you’ll have the opportunity to move quickly into senior and then director level roles.


  • 20 days PTO (+ paid time off for official holidays). We love and respect brain breaks.
  • 401K plan. Your contributions to the 401K can be in the form of a post-tax ROTH 401K or pre-tax Traditional 401K. Safe harbor 3% of total comp.
  • Platinum health insurance plan. We share the premiums for you and your dependents, if you choose to enroll.
  • Monthly cash allowance for your computer and phone.
  • Life insurance and disability insurance.


We primarily work from home, but meet at Heroic Public Speaking HQ in Lambertville, NJ for client events, usually twice per month. We also meet at HQ from time to time for team work sessions, so you’ll need to be able to reliably commute or plan to relocate before starting work. Here’s a little more about our tranquil, storybook river town.


We don’t really care where you went to school or what level of education you’ve achieved. We care about who you are and how you show up in the world now. We have an intelligent and sophisticated group of people working together who share values and care deeply for each other.


  • Your resume.
  • A cover letter.
  • A 1 - 3 minute video introducing yourself. Tell us why you want this job and describe the value you’re able to bring to Heroic Public Speaking. Please note that we aren’t expecting high production value, we just want to hear from you.
  • Links to your public social media profiles.

We can’t promise to interview everyone who applies for a position at Heroic Public Speaking, but we promise to review every application that is submitted. We know how challenging the job hunting process can be and we respect all the effort you put in to land the job of your dreams. Maybe the job of your dreams is here at Heroic Public Speaking HQ.

And just a heads-up, we also ask you some questions in the application. We do this to get to know you. We want to know how you think and what’s interesting and important to you.

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Thank you for taking the time to apply for this opportunity with Heroic Public Speaking. We know you put effort and care into it. We promise to do the same when we review your application and certainly throughout the interview process.


1. We can do more together than we can alone.

By bringing in fresh insights and diverse perspectives, we learn more and feel more connected to the work we do. Collaboration is essential to the growth of our minds and our business.

2. We pursue mastery of craft.

In everything we do, we choose to hold ourselves to the highest standards. We bring an attitude of excellence to our work; we strive constantly to develop our craft, our character, and each other.

3. We are always performers, never critics.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a performer is critical to the creative process. We keep our minds open; we respect and honor that there are many different ways to approach the work we get to complete in our lives. We don’t waste time being petty, small, negative, or judgmental.

4. We make and keep promises.

Results and reputation are dependent on our ability to make commitments and fulfill them. When we do what we say we are going to do, doors open and opportunities abound.

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