in 2017

we opened the doors to the Heroic Public Speaking Headquarters, our 6,300 square foot space in Lambertville, NJ.

It’s not an office, it’s a lifestyle.

Before HPS HQ, we held meetings at our dining room table.

As our dining room table isn’t big enough for your spotlight moments, we found a space to help serve you on a daily basis.

We have comfy couches to sprawl out at as you create your content, and a cozy kitchen for catered events.

With glass walls, conference tables, and spaces to store your luggage galore, we've thought of how to fill up each nook to make your lives (and your travels) as accessible as possible. It’s versatile to intimate group conversations and larger rehearsals.


HPS HQ was an indoor soccer complex before becoming our place. We literally built HQ from the astroturf up ...

and we created our own turf for you

to work, be inspired, and expand your craft. No cleats necessary.

Some of our HPS community
enjoying dinner at Marsha Brown's.

We’d love to welcome you, too.

Check out our calendar, and see what programs and events we have in store. Stop by and transform for awhile.



Let us know how Heroic Public Speaking HQ can customize an event for your group.