Speaker Visuals

Grammy Award-winning songwriter Tim Nichols's compelling keynote visuals pull audiences in and move them to embrace his message.



From first impressions to standing ovations.

HPS Speaker Visuals are a suite of custom-built branded assets that reinforce your performance and shape your relationship with your audience, every step of the way.


  • Personalized logos that capture and convey your personality.
  • A complete color palette, curated with your direct input.
  • A selection of fonts, each chosen carefully to bolster your brand.
  • Your custom Brand Book—a guide to protecting and maintaining your brand for years to come.

HPS Branding services are included in most of our design packages, and can be added to any other service.


Custom slide presentations

Anne Lester’s slide design

Heroic Public Speaking transformed Anne Lester’s slide design to better (and more deliciously) communicate with her Gen Z audience.

Slide presentations can charm audiences, hold their attention, and spark their imagination…or woosh right past them, without making any impression at all.

You may not know the key factors that make the difference. We do.

Our team has spent years developing speeches in close partnership with speakers from around the world. When it comes to creating custom slide presentations, we know what your speech—and your audience—needs.

Slide presentations can be designed as an easily modifiable template, or as a custom deck advised and directed by our team, tailor-made to fit to your performance. Slide presentation design services are included in our Speaker Visuals package, but can also be purchased separately.


Compelling contextual models that drive your message.


  • A visual representation of your big idea.
  • A tool to share a visionary concept in a way that’s reliable, replicable, and simple.
  • A stepping stone to becoming a referable speaker.

Put yourself in an event planner’s shoes. They get suggestions for great speakers day in and day out (and for only a select number of spots). So what can make you stand out—and make your speech more effective? A contextual model.

A contextual model is an elegantly simple visual representation of your message. It needs to be easy enough to draw on a napkin, but nuanced enough to invite questions.

A powerful contextual model not only helps distinguish you in the minds of audiences and event planners—it makes your message more memorable. It’s a way of showing your intellectual property and expertise, rather than telling.

Without a contextual model, audiences are way less likely to remember and understand your big idea. While it is necessary for you to make audiences feel, a contextual model gives audiences a memorable visual to explain why—and the why is what gets you more gigs.


  • STEP 1
    You’ll have a 90-minute virtual meeting with our brand and design team. We’ll learn all about your big idea, your audience, and your goals as a speaker, and we’ll start the brainstorming process right then and there, with you.
  • STEP 2
    Our designers will get to work creating a menu of draft contextual models for you to choose from. You’ll meet with our team two more times to help shape the draft models and make your selections.
  • STEP 3
    With your feedback, big idea, and audience in mind, we’ll draft the final version of your model. The next time you step on stage, you’ll have a bespoke visual representation of your big idea that will make you, your speech, and your message more memorable to your audience.

It takes a creative visionary to make sure that your contextual model aligns with your big idea.

A contextual model helps audiences remember your big idea. Having one created by designers who regularly create contextual models is key.

Let our visual strategists design a model that perfectly represents your big idea and positions you as a visionary speaker and thinker.