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Speaker Visuals


Speaker Visuals

Heroic Public Speaking designed entrepreneur Lloyd Banks's speaker site to be as bold, energetic, and unforgettable as he is.

If you’ve seen one public speakers’ website, you’ve seen nearly all of them: the cold, corporate feel. The underwhelming design. The uninspired and utterly predictable colors.

The truth is that you can be the greatest, most charismatic and compelling speaker in the world...but if your website doesn’t impress event planners, you won’t get the chance to, either.

Thumbnail Image -- Jacqueline Wales

Featuring the site of HPS Grad Alum, Jacqueline
Wales inspired by her keynote: Be Fearless.

Jacqueline Wales is an author, speaker, and advisor with a colorful,
welcoming personality. Heroic Public Speaking worked with Jacqueline to develop a speaker site that feels truly authentic to her.

Thumbnail Image -- Samantha Weeks

Retired fighter pilot Samantha Weeks's life story and keynote speech
The Bias Fly-By serve as direct inspiration for her custom site.

Unless you’re famous—and we mean famous, famous—your website needs to stand out amongst the rest. Boring colors, clunky design, and bland copy that inspires as much excitement as an Ikea instruction manual are going to hold you back.

If your site isn’t driving event planners to call, write, text, email, telegram, light smoke signals, deploy carrier pigeons, or do whatever else they possibly can to get ahold of you, it’s driving them away.

Retired fighter pilot Samantha Weeks's life story and keynote speech
The Bias Fly-By serve as direct inspiration for her custom site.

Thumbnail Image -- Josh Dougherty

Speaker and agency owner Josh Dougherty's personal style is smart, clean-cut, and minimalist. Heroic Public Speaking designed Josh's site to reflect his brand and connect with his audience.

We build custom speaker sites that put you centerstage in event planners’ minds.

Your speaker site is more than your digital business card. Often, it’s the very first comprehensive impression of you that event planners get.

We make sure that impression is one that lasts.

The HPS branding and design team blends unparalleled institutional knowledge of the speaking industry with branding and design chops that’d be right at home at any blue chip marketing agency.

Here’s how we do it:

Get to know you, your brand, and your speech as intimately as possible.

1 Thumbnail Image -- Working Stpe 01

Design, redesign, polish, and finalize a personalized branding package that makes an immediate impression.

2 Thumbnail Image -- Working Stpe 02

Draft, revise, polish, and proofread original copy, written in your authentic voice—and aimed squarely at the event planners you need to call you.

3 Thumbnail Image -- Working Stpe 02

Work in close consultation with you through multiple rounds of revisions, so that every facet of your page is perfectly calibrated to position you for success.

4 Thumbnail Image -- Working Stpe 02

Hand you the keys so you can keep your custom site as up-to-date as possible, even after our work together is done.

5 Thumbnail Image -- Working Stpe 02

Compelling keynote visuals pull audiences in and move them to embrace Grammy Award-winner and HPS PRO Tim Nichols's message.


A custom site transforms your conversations with event planners, leading to smoother sales, more gigs, and less stress.