• Postitnotes

    HPS Co-Founder Amy Port teaches students a repeatable
    method to source stories for their speeches.

  • Theater

    The select group of TEDxCambridge speakers rehearse with HPS Co-Founder Michael Port and additional HPS Faculty in our theater.

  • Owowcow

    HPS Faculty serve students a treat from a local ice creamery
    after a rigorous and fun day of speech rehearsal.

  • Main Space

    Students take refuge in our student lounge
    while refining their content.

  • Fashionshow

    Founder of Orangetheory Fitness Ellen Latham receives
    feedback for her onstage keynote attire.

  • Conference Room

    One student utilizing the HPS
    HQ conference room during solo time.

  • Annex

    HPS Head of Voice Training D'Arcy Webb utilizes an open
    space to help a student project his voice.

  • Amyteaching

    Students gather in the theater for a session led
    by HPS Co-Founder Amy Port.