You don’t need a lecture on the importance of communication skills and high performance.

You don't need studies on how effective communication is better for the whole team.

You know these things. As a seasoned leader, your unique skill set is what got you this far.

But … while you and your team want to master effective
communication and performance …
you might not know how to do it.

We do.


Presenters that wander, taking tangents instead of nailing key points.

Slide decks that put people to sleep instead of delivering powerful messages.

Teams that falter in
high-stakes interviews
with the press.

A flurry of lost sales, lost pitches, and lost opportunities when your team isn’t the most compelling in the room.

Executives that want to share their new vision with their corporations (and then the world), but aren’t sure how to present that transition.

And sure, people have great intentions ... but they also have great excuses.
They’re not natural storytellers, they’re not funny, they’re shy.

In fact, you’ve heard all of the excuses.


We can do more together than we can alone.

We have a process for content development to make sure each key point goes directly back to your message in a clear and concise manner.


We’ll work together to create a fine-tuned, customized program through a discovery process. Some factors we’ll discuss:
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  • goal-iconGOAL SETTING
  • goal-iconCURRICULUM
  • goal-iconVIRTUAL VS. IN-PERSON
  • goal-iconTIMELINE




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Our faculty members are some of the best performance and writing coaches in the industry. We’re the best in class and top-notch doers and thinkers. But, on top of that, all of us are business professionals.

You’re not just looking for a day of improvisation and game playing; you’re looking for long-term results from coaches who’ve worked in and with corporate environments. We understand the challenges you face, the constraints presented. And as such, we pay careful attention to customization to make sure we’re designing a training regimen for your staff that is substantial, comprehensive, and holds a high degree of efficacy.

Our faculty was built on a foundation of high standards, ensuring that we’ll deliver on our promises.

25 years ago, we earned our MFAs in acting from Yale and NYU, before working in TV, film, and theater. Now, at our Heroic Public Speaking Headquarters in NJ, and for organizations around the world, we teach non-actors what actors know about how to give better performances both onstage and off.

In addition to our achievements within Heroic Public Speaking, Michael is the author of Steal the Show, Book Yourself Solid, and 5 other books that have been translated into 29 languages and been on the bestseller lists of the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal, among others.


C.R., Fortune 500 Company

"I’m so happy that we were finally able to get [our team] some public speaking training. People were blown away by the high quality class that you delivered. I received at least a dozen emails either saying how amazing the class was or that they had HEARD how amazing the class was! The power of a word of mouth recommendation is incredible!"

C.R., Fortune 500 Company
Maureen Cameron

"On behalf of Best Buy Canada, I want to thank you Heroic Public Speaking again, for an incredible masterclass workshop with our Executive Team last month. We saw the immediate positive effects of your training the following week, when our team presented at our conference. The team continues to rave about the benefits of the ‘time well spent’ during our session in early July to our extended senior leadership group."

Maureen Cameron, Director of Corporate Communications & Community Relations,
Best Buy Canada
Colleen Rooney

"I didn’t want a second more to go by without saying - WOW! Loved our working time together yesterday and really looking forward to next session. I’d also like to discuss another session, to ask your help developing and preparing our new executives annual platform speech."

Colleen Rooney, Global VP of Communication, Qurate Retail Group

“I have grown up being around some of the most powerful, influential human beings on this planet and you both are phenomenal leaders that I hold in the same category. I learned so much by simply being in your presence and valued every minute. Thank you for being our "game-changers" and supporting us on our mission to raise the bar. My personal commitment is that I will get in front of the two you to receive the coaching I need to become the master communicator I must be in order to take this company where I envision it going.”

Jennifer Chevalier, Chief Strategy Officer, Fortune Management
Michael Bonfrisco

“After working with Amy at a corporate training, I made a concerted effort to focus on the delivery and impact of my public speaking. While I consider myself a solid public speaker, I have seen a breakthrough. A great number of people came up to me after Amy's training to tell me that this was the best seminar they had ever attended. And the real proof? We broke a firm record in the number of appointments from seminars sweep; I attribute these results to Amy's guidance. There are definite revelations from her training that put money in my pocket: more appointments, and thus, more clients.”

Michael Bonfrisco, Bonfrisco Law Firm, American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

“I've devoted the past 30 years, as a business attorney, working with companies of all shapes and sizes. I've been privileged to serve as counsel to some of the most successful and recognized companies in the country. In those three decades, I have never (and bear in mind that lawyers hate absolutes) encountered a company and a culture like HPS. The highest praise I can give Michael and Amy is that they've kept
every single one of their promises.

Eliot Wagonheim, Attorney, Wagonheim Law

“As a "voice of authority" speaking to business leaders, I am always working on ways to hone my message and better serve buyers and clients. Working with Michael and Amy Port over the last few years has given me specific strategies that have me showing up in an authentic way and closing more business. I recommend Heroic Public Speaking to anyone wanting to concisely get a powerful message across - whether one-on-one or in front of a corporate audience.”

Lori Richardson, President, WOMEN Sales Pros
Tim Wallace

“Everyone has given me feedback that it was one of the best training experiences of their careers.”

Tim Wallace, CEO, iPipeline
Matt Oldroyd

“The team did great in their presentations at the sales meeting.
I personally was able to improve my own main stage presentation with just the hour I attended!”

Matt Oldroyd, VP Head of Portfolio Management, American Century Investments


When you are at Heroic Public Speaking HQ, we want you to feel at home. With glass walls, the most comfortable theater seats, and spaces to store your luggage galore, we've thought of how to fill up each nook to make your lives (and your travels) as accessible as possible. It’s versatile to intimate group conversations and larger discussions. In short, HPS HQ is a beautiful space to work, be inspired, and expand your craft.

HPS HQ is in Lambertville, NJ, a quaint historical town brimming with artists and hiking trails. It's equal distance from both Philadelphia and Newark airports. A place bursting with delicious food and independent shops, Lambertville encapsulates a blend of charm and community.


In this video, we cover:

  • How do I convince my team we need communications training? (1:14)
  • What makes your training stand out? (3:15)
  • How does learning craft actually help me? (4:29)
  • How much does a custom program cost? (7:00)
  • Do I have to have material prepared? (9:21)
  • Is there anything you don't do and/or people you don't work with? (9:58)
  • Our business is doing great ... why would we need this? (11:48)
  • We don't do public speaking engagements, so how does this apply to us?