A Crash Course in
Heroic Public Speaking®

YES Michael & Amy, I want you to make me a MUCH better speaker and I'm ready to get started today.

You don't have to be a professional speaker... or even an aspiring professional speaker to get started today.

In fact, you can be an absolute beginner. You may never want to set foot on a big stage but just want to nail it during sales presentations to close more deals, or be more comfortable at networking events.

Or maybe you’re already a professional speaker and want to headline events with people like me, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek and Brené Brown.

Either way, Steal the Show: A Crash Course in Heroic Public Speaking is your answer and right now is your moment.


If you're particularly busy right now and can't do all of the work, don't worry: you'll have lifetime access to this self-directed program and you'll be able to go step-by-step through the work any time into the future.

Michael is the founder of the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training and Heroic Public Speaking and is considered one of the most original and talent professional speakers working today.

Called “an uncommonly honest author” by the Boston Globe, a “marketing guru” by The Wall Street Journal, Michael Port is a NY Times bestselling author of five books including Book Yourself Solid and The Think Big Manifesto.


Amy Port is the co-founder and Director of Training for Heroic Public Speaking. After earning her MFA in Acting from The Yale School of Drama, she spent years acting professionally in theaters such Seattle Repertory, Oregon Shakespeare and Yale Rep, and working consistently in commercials.

Amy has assisted the Speech faculty at Yale Drama, taught acting in multiple sessions at Northwestern University, and has spent the last fifteen years mentoring teachers and speakers in bringing the hard skills of performance to their craft.


A Crash Course in Heroic Public Speaking

What's Included

  • 20 classes of online training to make you a better speaker than you ever thought possible.
  • The opportunity to learn the secrets that only the most highly-trained performers know, at your own pace, or choose just the lessons that that are most useful and relevant for you.
  • Opportunities for feedback from your peers in our private online forum.

You're Going to surpass
even your own expectations of
what it means to be a great performer

You’re going to get the most important parts (those that are most relevant and useful for you) of what Michael and Amy learned, in over three years, in the MFA program at NYU’s Graduate Acting Program and the MFA program at the Yale School of Drama.

  • We employ a system used by 70 million university level students all over the world. You can work at your own pace, while getting all the support that you need from us.
  • We even have a comprehensive resource center for the best and most affordable PowerPoint and Keynote designers and music composers along with information on how to get the rights to play popular music during your presentations and more.


When you join us, all you need are a computer with an internet connection and a burning desire to save the world - or at least your world - with your performances.



Learn the philosophy behind the methodology. You’ll also learn how to “talk the talk” so that you can fast-track your way to sounding like a pro! Also includes an introduction to developing your own intellectual property.


We’ll delve deep into mastery of one of your most valuable tools: your voice. Understand the purpose of voicework, the anatomy of voicework, learn techniques for projection, pitch, range (and more) so that you can sound more substantial and appealing. Includes Bonus Warm-up videos and audios.


Unless you are easily understood, you’re throwing away opportunities. Learn about Standard American Speech, so that you know when to use it (and be understood by all,) and when to throw it out the window. Discover which parts of your natural dialect to change for the stage and which parts to keep, and how speech patterns are directly linked to likeability and confidence. Useful for international speakers. Includes Bonus warm-ups.


How to avoid the common traps and pitfalls, and never, ever have to worry again about what to do with your hands. Also learn how to use ‘power poses’ to increase your confidence. Includes bonus videos from other expert speakers.



Class Five: THE BIG IDEA

In this first class of the Content Creation Module, you’ll distill your message down the most important and impactful idea. Learn the 6 Part Protocol for developing your Big Idea, and how to develop a better business in the process.


We’ll show you how to use one of the 7 proven frameworks that takes your audience on a journey with you. You’ll learn how to repurpose your content for different lengths and uses: keynotes, 20-minute speeches, webinars, workshops and more. Learn how to use the different types of speeches, whether to script or outline, and what matters (and what doesn’t) about originality.


We’ll teach you the ways that professional speechwriters, playwrights and performers outline their material by identifying key points that support the big idea. Learn how to effectively and systematically outline, through-line, vet your arguments, and employ advanced techniques that add complexity and sophistication to otherwise “flat” pieces.


Continue shaping your presentation by learning the key principle of contrast, and how to incorporate it into your structure and your performance to make for the most exciting audience experience.


Learn not just how to tell stories, but how to tell good stories. Learn the secrets that performers and professional storytellers know for winning over the hearts and minds of the audience. Also learn the Heroic Public Speaking Protocol for sourcing your stories, so that you have the right story at the right time.


We’re not asking you to be a stand-up comedian, but humor can be a useful and even an essential element in many performances. Learn the ‘rule of three', the importance of shared context, and how to use the Three-Act Structure to build more humor into your presentation.


This class deals with the fundamentals of audience interaction: how to rapidly get them on your side. Learn how to build trust with the audience so that they do what you ask them to do, and how to maximize your interaction with audience members before and after your presentation. Also, learn powerful tools for how to deal with difficult personalities in the room.


How to Master Q&A. Often we think that Q&A is the easy part - instead, learn how the masters read the audience, employ cultural sensitivity, and utilize ‘bits’ to make your Q&A a powerful close to your presentation.


Win over the audience before you take your first step. Learn how to craft your introductory bio, with a system for what to include, (and what not to include), the importance of rehearsing the bio, and how to nail your opening.



Class Fourteen: HOW to REHEARSE

Just because you have a script, or a message, or an outline, on paper, it doesn’t mean that your words are anywhere near ready for performance. Learn the 7 Step Rehearsal Protocol for Heroic Public Speaking and surprise yourself by expertly content mapping your piece. Uplift your performance with the use of beats, skillful rhythm, transitions and repetition.

Class Fifteen: BOLD BLOCKING

Blocking is the act of lifting your performance off the page - or out of your head - and onto the stage. Learn how to stage your presentation, (even if in a conference room,) how to notate your script, and maximize the power of center stage.


THE MAGIC OF IMPROV. Knowing how to improvise with impact is an essential skill for performers. Learn to improv for content creation, and for performance, when things just might go wrong! You’ll also discover the Six Key Principles for Improv that will keep your presentation alive, even if you’ve given it hundreds of times.

Class Seventeen: COSTUME & PROPS

What you wear and what you bring to the stage - literally - can change the audience’s experience. It can also change the way they see you. Increase your impact by using wardrobe for character development & confidence boosting. Learn how to use props to add gravitas or lightness, humor or solemn.

Class Eighteen: OPEN REHEARSALS.

Experienced speakers know that the sooner you get in front of people, the better… and that being in performance the first time you deliver is a sure-fire set up to NOT be at your best. Learn the 4 Step Feedback Protocol for who and when to invite into your rehearsals, and how to ask for (and get!) the feedback that you need.

Class Nineteen: STEAL THE SHOW

It’s hard to Steal the Show when stage fright has set in. Learn the performers' tools for resolving doubt, creating a pre-show ritual, and owning the room every time.


So now that you’re a force to be reckoned with, this class will cover the ins-and-outs of making a living as a professional speaker, if that’s something you’re interested in. We’ll cover setting your fees, hot topics, the client buying cycle, and 3 things to do to get booked solid.

Do the work in the program and you'll be ready to perform the speech you've always wanted to give.

I signed up for HPS because a) I'm a big fan of Michael's books last several years and the chance to be taught live by him, and w/ the lovely and powerful addition of Amy, was too good to pass up. And b) I knew the training would be a tremendous boost to my presentation skills to clients and executive leadership, and just communication in general. I've never had much of an issue speaking in front of crowds, but the increase in confidence, flow (thank you content mapping!) rehearsal and table reads just amped up my skills so much...I'll continue to watch and re-watch the lessons and all of the valuable material for the class. Thanks EVER so much!

Julie Brock

As I just finished watching the final class...I am SO grateful that Michael mentioned "it is the end of the beginning, but not the beginning of the end". So comforting, because I was not able to participate as much as I had hoped, due to starting my own business. Knowing the HPS group is driven by love and encouragement, I'm finally ready to share my "intro" video that I recently finished - I know that I'm still ok posting - "better late than never". Michael and Amy, I can't tell you how glad I am that I took a leap with this course and you BOTH were there to catch all of us!

Nicole Armbrust

Michael and Amy have an additional gift to find and further other talented people. These are never really classes, are they? They are experiences that last a lifetime with people we will know, like and trust for a lifetime--as we all continuously take these gifts and pay it forward to our audiences, clients, friends and more...Go get em.

Dennis Giannetti

Another transformation. Not only transforming technical speaking skills, but overcoming fears I didn't even know I had, crushing hesitations, awakening a sleeping right brain, and embracing the quirky, sassy bits that corporate America had stuffed into a bottle. Michael pushed, questioned and pushed some more until not only my speaking and writing skills improved but my business trajectory took a GIANT leap forward. (Nice side benefit). More importantly, they created a community that genuinely supports each other and came to love each other.

Monica Tarr

If you are serious about becoming a professional, highly paid speaker I strongly recommend doing whatever it takes to be at this "Heroic Public Speaker" training with one of the best in the world, Michael Port. It will change your life.

Hal Elrod

I bet I'm not the only one still pinching myself and wondering 'was it really that good'? I've been to other workshops and been on a high afterwords, but something is different this time. The level of raw emotion, of person to person connection, of deep respect and equality for everyone...was unparalleled. Thank you all, especially Michael and Amy.

Eli Shine

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A Crash Course in
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