With Your Public
Speaking Goals

HPS CORE will help me…

  • Start new content for your next big referrable speech.
  • Engage different types of audiences as your message evolves.
  • Discover a process for consistently generating content and landing killer performances.
  • Create and perform standing ovation-worthy keynotes that produce results for audience members and organizations.
  • Understand how to use one speech for multiple streams of revenue.
  • Start to be seen as best-in-class.
  • Use speaking to build brands and book business.
  • Help hone the message in keynotes so it’s inline with professional or business brand identity.
  • Inspire audience members to ask for more in the form of consulting, advising, or opportunities to invest in their business.
  • Turn personal experiences into transformational keynote performances.
  • Translate stories to messages that inspire audiences to take action.
Janet Sydnor

“If you need to speak as part of your business or you have a big idea you need to share, trust HPS to help you find your path. Michael Port walks the talk of his many best sellers.”

Janet Sydnor, Business Owner

Steve Wheeler

“Heroic Public Speaking will unlock your ability to become a great public speaker. They have an incredible mix of content, and personality, and passion that all work to help you achieve success in a place that never seemed possible.”

Steve Wheeler, Dir. of Business Development

Sofia D’Angio

“Training with the staff of HPS was a remarkable and refreshing experience. The faculty members are all way above average, not only in their teaching skills but also as people. Attending their training is transformative. I can’t recommend this team and everything they offer enough.”

Sofia D’Angio, Administrative Assistant, Netflix

Leisa Peterson

“As someone who has been speaking professionally for over 20 years, I've learned many things about speaking that I had never thought about through HPS CORE.”

Leisa Peterson, Professional Speaker