Heroic Public Speaking HQ

HPS HQ is a beautiful space to work, be inspired,
and master your craft.

Here's a glimpse of our 10,000 square-foot training facility, located in Lambertville, NJ: a town so sweet you’ll wish you could pinch its cheeks. Of course, there are breakout rooms and a large theater to learn ... and beyond that, we want you to feel at home.

There are comfy couches to sprawl out at as you process all of HPS CORE's content, and a coffee shop across the street to get you up on your feet. With an oversupply of USB outlets for electronics, conference tables, and spaces to store your luggage galore, the Heroic Speaking team thought of how to fill up each nook to make your lives (and your travels) as accessible as possible. It’s versatile to intimate group conversations and larger class sessions.