You’ll observe (and maybe even join in) live coaching sessions that are as transformative for those in the audience as those on the stage. We work like directors in theater rather than typical speaking coaches. In fact, after watching Michael and Amy lead a masterclass, Scott Stratten remarked, “I was mesmerized watching you two coach public speakers. I’d pay admission just to witness it. It was like watching art being made.”


Foundational Five

Discover the science behind the Heroic Public Speaking content creation model. Foundational Five will teach you a repeatable, reliable, proven method of structuring your speech so that it’s always compelling and action-driven.


Story Sourcing
and Telling

No matter what your message is, you will need draw upon a range of emotions to engage your audience. Learn how to pick the stories that best serve your message so that you have a balance of material that’ll keep your audience engaged throughout your performance.


Content Workshop

Whether you have 1,000 stories, 10 pieces of data, or 1 blank screen, you'll discover a system to structure a cohesive, balanced script that'll capture your audience's attention the full way through.


Evening Activities

  • Group social for networking and relationship development at a local hotspot.
  • Going out to dinner with a few of your new friends at one of our town’s restaurants (we’re known for great food in this town).
  • Immediately passing out on your comfy bed.


A successful performance is achieved through effective rehearsal. Talent can only get you so far; here you learn the tools to backup your talent. Let’s face it: if you don’t know how to rehearse, you’ll have to live with that nagging thought: I know could have done so much better.


All the Right

Handle even the toughest and gruffest of audiences so that you you’ll learn to transform any heckled “boo” to one resounding “boo-yah.”



A masterclass with extra attention to your most valuable instrument as a speaker: your voice. Vocal masterclass will help you hone the way you project, enunciate, and compel others through spoken word.


The Referable Speaker

Use the gigs you get to get the gigs you want. Featuring key insights and lessons from Michael Port’s latest book The Referable Speaker, this class will give you a valuable backstage look at how the speaking business really works—and teach you how you can make an impact fast. Do you have what it takes to become a referable speaker?


Laser Coaching

If you’ve been wowed by the transformation of people in Masterclass, you’ll be completely blown away to watch what we can do in 5 minutes when we pull attendees (perhaps you?) on the stage for micro-sessions. Implementing small, tangible changes will have massive impact on your long-term speaking goals.