This is an opportunity to help grow and shape a big-hearted community of people that are interested in becoming better public speakers and communicators.

You’re a sales representative with direct and warm communication skills. While we do not expect you to be a public speaker, we do expect that, as you will represent a speaking and communications company, you are clear and confident in your own communication. Here, you’ll use your skills to respond to and close incoming leads, and thereby contribute to our bold growth objectives. Yes, they’re bold; but they’re achievable - as an ambitious person, you love a good challenge. You’ll be a part of the Heroic Public Speaking Sales Team, where we work closely, support each other, and have each other’s backs.

Within the team, you’ll be responsible for the direct conversion of incoming leads into our trainings, programs, and private coaching opportunities. As such, you will often be the first individual that interested students (clients) meet and identify with as “HPS,” and so you will be seen as a voice of our brand on a daily basis.

Your key responsibility will be to connect with, follow-up with, and convert to enrollment, the people that we can best serve. You might think of yourself as an admissions representative more than a sales representative, as we curate our student cohorts carefully. You will be able to walk that fine line between representing the core values that we, as a relationship-focused business, live by, AND bring a direct communication style, adept at helping individuals make decisions. You will become an expert on the work that we do, and our position in the marketplace as a category of one. You should certainly be comfortable with selling a premium service with corresponding pricing.

Like everyone on the team, no matter what position they hold, you’ll also assist from time to time with events in various operational components—a fantastic opportunity to meet in-person the people you’ve been cultivating relationships with on the phone, and to continue to strengthen their relationship with HPS.

Additionally, you’ll work closely with and provide support to the co-founder of Heroic Public Speaking who also serves as the head of sales.

Your Key Results In 2019 Will Be To...

  • Convert a defined number of students into our HPS CORE program.
  • Provide same day response to all incoming leads.
  • Document cleanly and clearly all client and lead information and interaction.
  • Continue to assist and serve students with their goal setting, and conversion into higher level programs.
  • Follow through with client-care through the sales cycle, meaning: until all services sold have been successfully delivered.

Travel Requirements

There is opportunity for travel from time to time with the founders or other faculty members to meet with clients and/or learn more about the work the teachers are doing.

Type of Employment/Benefits

This role is a full-time position. The company offers enrollment in a Platinum health insurance plan through United Health Care and pays 50% of the premiums if you choose to enroll.

Additionally, the company offers a very generous retirement plan in the form of a Defined Benefit Plan and contributes pre-tax dollars equal to at least 9% of your salary each year for full time employees that qualify for the plan. There is also a 401K plan to which you can choose to contribute if you’d like. Your contributions to the 401K can be in the form of a post-tax ROTH 401K or pre-tax Traditional 401K.

Education & Qualifications

We don’t really care where you went to school or what level of education you’ve achieved. We care about who you are now and how you show up in the world now. We have a highly intelligent and sophisticated group of people working together with shared values. We have more staff members with Masters degrees than the typical non-academic organization; however, almost none of these degrees are in the field in which they know work. The point is: how someone did in school or where they went to school or what they studied isn’t the first thing we consider when making our hiring decisions.

We don’t just accept difference: we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our team, our programs, and our community. Heroic Public Speaking is an equal opportunity workplace, and we encourage all qualified candidates to apply.


The company headquarters are located in Lambertville, NJ at 278 North Union. Here are a few pictures of where you’ll be working.

Please Submit the Following for Consideration:

  • Your resume.
  • A cover letter (remember: you are going to be a voice that represents our company, and we need you to be charming as heck).
  • Link to a brief (<2 minute) video, introducing yourself to our team.
  • Your salary history and desired salary for this position.
  • If you have anything you’d like to show us like links to any social media posts or other things you’ve created, please share them here. You’re more likely to jump to the top of the list if we can see or how you present in the world. If not, that’s OK, too.

We promise to review every application that is submitted. We know how challenging the job hunting process can be and we respect all the effort you put in to land the job of your dreams. Maybe the job of your dreams is here at HPS HQ.

These are our CORE VALUES. If you resonate with them, then HPS will feel like home to you.

  1. We develop people …
    • … so we look for what’s working before we look for faults in performance.
    • … so we give people the feedback they need to improve their performance in a way that they can hear.
    • … so we encourage and support people to go after big goals that might make them nervous.
    • … so we embrace changing roles and responsibilities as we grow.

  2. We make and keep promises …
    • … so we do what we say we’re going to do even when it’s inconvenient.
    • … so we show up prepared and on time.
    • … so we don't make loose commitments that could lead to unmet expectations; we are explicit and clear in our promises even if we have to say "no."
    • … so we communicate in advance if a deliverable has changed.

  3. We apply constraints to be more creative …
    • … so we use process checklists to free our minds from worrying about the busy work.
    • … so we don’t distract each other with unnecessary noise or clutter.
    • … so we are lean and nimble and can adapt to whatever comes our way.
    • … so we protect our time to allow for focused creativity.
    • … so we keep our space and ourselves clean, tidy, and organized.

  4. We pursue mastery of craft …
    • … so we create transformational experiences for our students.
    • … so we are more focused on being effective than being right.
    • … so we adhere to the HPS Operating System completely.
    • … so we develop everyone’s skillset because talent is overrated.
    • … so we produce “client ready” work; we don’t do sloppy.

  5. We stay focused and on track …
    • … so we use OKRs to achieve our goals and guide our activities.
    • … so we play the long game and focus on the end goal rather than short term hacks.
    • … so we get gritty and try again if something doesn’t work and, if it still doesn’t work, we try something different.
    • … so we make decisions that align with our shared goals.

  6. We create collaboratively …
    • … so we ask for help when we need it.
    • … so we treat others they way they want to be treated.
    • … so we make sure to recognize each members’ contributions.
    • … so we say, “Yes, and..” rather than “Yeah, but…”

  7. We are always performers; never critics …
    • … so we go high when others go low.
    • … so we focus on achieving our goals instead of beating others.
    • … so we don’t waste time being petty or small.
    • … so we lift others up rather than put them down.

  8. We care more about results than approval …
    • … so we don’t do unnecessary work just to look busy or impressive.
    • … so we don’t say we know how to do something when we really don’t.
    • … so we are transparent about our losses as well as our wins.
    • … so we make all company metrics public for team members to see.
    • … so we bounce back quickly when rejected or disappointed.
    • … so we exceed even our own expectations.

  9. We communicate clearly and directly …
    • … so we never gossip or pander.
    • … so we show respect to others.
    • … so we get to the point and don’t waste time.
    • … so we stand behind our convictions and values.

  10. We take care of our family …
    • … so we are flexible and adapt to the needs of our employees.
    • … so we offer meaningful compensation, benefits and life experiences for our employees and their families.
    • … so we spend time with our employees’ family members and get to know them well.
    • … so we name HPS HQ offices and rehearsal rooms after our employees’ children.